Overcoming Writers Block

Nothing gets on my nipple more than writers block. It ruins my life, I kid you not I'm not being dramatic or a diva about it but I was speaking to a fellow writer about it the other day regarding it and we both concluded that it sucks batty.

The thing about writers block, is that it doesn't happen because you don't have things on your mind or ideas...its simply that you struggle to articulate the words and write them out onto a piece of paper or in my case my Macbook. 

It's like an awkward date when you both have nothing to say so you're just starting at each other, in silence. 

Overcoming Writers Block

I commented in a previous blog that I was suffering with writers block for over a week and a half. I wanted to punch someone in the throat because I've made an commitment to myself that every week that I would write something to help bulk up my scripts and ideas so when God graces me with an opportunity to approach a production company that I have many ideas (not too many) to present to them. Besides, it's good practice as a writer I can't exactly rely on one script idea to pay me for the rest of my life! I was advised at the beginning of January to have at least 3/4 solid script ideas that I will consistently push for production. 

So why was my brain working against me? Writers block has the same feeling to when you expect your period to finish but decides to over stay its welcome. It's an insult really and disrespectful. I get that I can't write all the time and I need material and things around me to inspire me and get my creative juices flowing, but when my scripts look like dry like the Sahara Desert the rage is real. 

Sometimes writers block is a way of telling you to take a break & enjoy life. My Macbook and I are in a serious committed relationship. I spend more time with it then real people at times, I take no breaks, its burns my thighs and I feel sometimes to dash it halfway the living room but then sense makes me remember how much of my savings I spent getting a new Macbook for Xmas and I do not have a lavish bank account yet to not care if it breaks down on me. But this is the month of doing, and I promised myself that I would get outside of my house more. This week alone I attended 3 different events to help me do just that, I firstly attended the Being U launch in the Savoy Hotel, Parlour IV an exclusive writers event in MeWe360 by Project Noir and tonight I'll be attending Reality BFI Film screening and networking event. Have any of those helped me with my writers block this week? Absolutely! Sometimes it takes you going outside, meeting new people, having a laugh and in my case a glass or 3 of wine and then the idea or scene will just pop into my head. 

During the times when writers block has you in a chokehold you just have to sometimes just accept it. But I refuse to lose to ANYTHING so you will eventually find ways and things to help you when it decides to creep up on you like an unexpected bill which you have no money to pay for, and if one thing doesn't work then go back to the drawing board and try something else. We sometimes forget that your brain is an important part of your body, it needs rest just like the muscles in your body, furthermore without your brain...well do I need to state the obvious? 

What helps me with it? Wine...yes I'm a lightweight but I like wine kiss my ass so what. I sit back with some music, kick my feet up, read a book, watch something and drink. Or I go and meet friends and family go to salsa...and yes you guessed it drink. Now before you think I need to go to Alcoholics Anonymous I don't drink to get drunk and there are plenty times when I go out and decide not to drink anything at all. But like I said...wine helps and I don't feel a way that it does. 

The exact method you use to write use to help you when you have writers block. Personally that tends to be music (and alcohol) but also I have a journal in my bag and I take it with me wherever I go just in case, also a good app to have on your phone is Evernote. It is a great application that allows you to save websites, links, pictures, notes whatever you need. You can categorise your notebooks under whatever name or topic that you choose and the best thing about Evernote is that it automatically syncs with my Ipad and my Macbook so I can access it anywhere at anytime and lastly ITS FREE! You're welcome.

Also don't be afraid to sometimes collaborate with other creatives or send your ideas/scripts/play to someone that you trust to look over just for reassurance. My scripts are my babies so there is a select few that I would ever trust to see my ideas also protect yourself before you wreck yourself and copyright your work. Whilst at Parlour, the hosts requested that if we felt comfortable that we could exchange a poem or idea for someone else to read aloud to the rest of the group. It feels like someone asking you to expose your boobs for everyone to see but my name isn't Kylie or Kim Kardashian so as scary as it was, it was also very liberating to allow someone into your secret little world that not many people see furthermore as they are fellow creatives they understand it more than you think they would and appreciate it too. In the world of television I'm still considered a "baby writer" having something I wrote be picked up for television has helped me as a baby step to being a credited writer with an IMBD page   also writing and directing my theatre production Ex-periences adds to the CV. What is key is that no matter what you are writing, you are also getting your name out there, attending events and entering writing competitions and incentives because a huge part of being part of this industry is knowing the right people AND the same people seeing your name around because it shows that you are persistent, thick skinned and serious about your craft. As a writer...rejection is real so you can't allow it to make you question you abilities as a writer...trust me.


I'm glad I'm currently over the hiccup of my writers block from last month and I'm excited about some of the ideas and scripts that I have been writing recently. My next step is to actually start filming these ideas for you all to see!

Are you a photographer/runner/DOP/sound engineer that would like to collaborate with me this spring for some filming projects? Email me at vexinthecityuk@gmail.com with examples of your work!  

What do you do to help you with writers block? Drop your knowledge below! 

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