#YearOfLavish Update!

Can't believe that we are already in MARCH where the backside did the time go? 

Just wanted to check in with you guys to see how your #YearOfLavish has been going so far? Many of you have been updating me via the #VexInTheCityLive chat on Facebook every Wednesday so thank you for being so honest and open this is why you guys are the DOPEST

As I said to you guys before, February was my month of DOING and boy did I do alot! If you follow me pon the socials (you should be anyway) you'll see that I was out and about everywhere in London this month which is a huge deal for my hermit self because no one loves staying in the house more than me! 

In my previous blog "Ditching My Dream & Being a DOer" I mentioned 5 things that I wanted to achieve in February. Looking back through that list I have done all 5 of them *busses a bumflick* so I'm really glad that I committed to my 5 goals because in the end it benefited me in the long run. 


As you all are aware I left my full time job to begin temping and really take my writing career seriously. The past two months have been crazy mostly in a good way, it's crazy when you leave somewhere that was  detrimental not only to your mental health but also your creativity and once you're out of it you think "why the hell was I there for so long in the first place?" don't get me wrong there's things I miss about my job especially my Year Group and my work mates BUT there's also a lot of things that I do not miss. The major thing I have noticed is I am no longer stressed out, not even for a second. It is intense being a Head Of Year you're constantly on the go, looking after 120 children, admin, phone calls, detentions, you name it but now I'm just doing admin work and it is absolute bliss! Because it's a role I'be been doing since I was 16 I know what I'm doing, and it gives me the time to write in my journal or plan my days ahead. I can honestly say in the last 2 months I've written more than I ever have compared to last year. I'm currently writing 2 drama series, written ideas for 3 different shorts, began planning Ex-periences Part 2 (the #Renegades have been onto about that one) and the ideas are still flowing and coming to me on a random, thanks to one of my favourite students buying me a journal as a leaving present I carry it everywhere I go to write my ideas down & it really helps! I'm working on some exciting projects for you all to see and I know that you will love it and enjoy it, I'm looking to build a team to create visual content, filming projects and events if that's something you are looking to be involved with then email me at vexinthecityuk@gmail.com it's time to form my Vex In The City squad so can all win TOGETHER! 

All my script ideas, scenes and characters are in this journal I take it EVERYWHERE 

All my script ideas, scenes and characters are in this journal I take it EVERYWHERE 


One thing that I have been struggling with is being paid weekly. This sh*t is hard to adjust too. It's my first time ever being paid in this manner and I do not like it...at..all. I can't do monthly food shopping like I love, instead I'm buying weekly. Every Friday when I get paid & think that I have money; a direct debit bites me in the backside and I'm back to square one again. I took a pay cut in order to be able to freelance so every penny counts I kid you not. I have ALOT OF PRIDE so I don't ask anyone for handouts I would rather suffer in silence and stay in my house so many times when my friends want to go out for dinner or drinks I simply can't afford to! Beforehand I was in a position to not only take care of myself, but if my mother or brother needed a little change it wasn't a problem but to not be in that position anymore irritates my soul. I am independent...very independent. I don't ask people for money, I don't rely on no man to give me anything, I'm not materialistic & I have been living by myself since I was 25, so this weekly thing is getting on my nipples. However, I am grateful that somehow I'm just keeping my head above water, it's made me conscious of my spending habits, Poundland is my best friend & its made me cut down on all the sweets & biscuits I used to buy in bulk which has helped me lose weight so it's not all bad! Plus you guys know I am a bargain queen, so I take it as a challenge to live a lavish life, looking like Champagne on a Prosecco budget.

There has been times when I question whether I did the right thing leaving my job and my abilities as a writer. I can not stress to you how hard I am on myself, I read so many articles regarding one page pitches, creating dialogue, plot points, I read Oscar winning scripts (I seriously can't recommend reading Moonlight script, it is pure art I kid you not I love that script so much) but if I want to be taken seriously as a writer you have to research it! The beauty is I never tire from learning and I've implemented what I've learned. When writing a script I adapt an 8 plot points technique which has helped to give my characters and script more structure which makes the dialogue easier to write. I find myself giving advice to others who are looking to blog or write and in the back of my head I'm like "yes Delia-Rene you know what you're talking about". Don't get me wrong there's still a long way to go and it's perfect that at the end of this month I start my Shonda Rhimes Masterclass. I can't express to you guys how excited I am to start this course and learn from the gladiator Shonda Rhimes! I have no doubt it's only going to improve my script-writing skills especially to formulate it for TV because that is one of my goals! But the beauty about writing is there is not one way to write so I stay true to my writing style, the stories that I want to write and not try to be like everyone else what's the point? I'm a rebel...fuck the rules! 

Speaking of Shonda Rhimes, she needs to stop playing with my feelings when it comes to Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. If you haven't caught up by now, go face the fall I don't care if I ruin it for you but you see that finale of "How To Get Away With Murder" that betch had me in my FEELINGS. Everyone knows that Wes is bae, I'm still not over the fact she killed my boo and then to see how he died and who did it...betch...I...was...so upset plus all it's done is left us with more questions! Every week I call my betch Scotty Unfamous and we dissect the show, the writing, the dialogue I kid you not we do it every single week about something we both watch or we need to watch! That's what I love about my hobbit as she's a writer & author (multi award winning I'll have you know at that) she gets my writing journey and we both motivate each other in order to achieve our goals. It's important you have friends that are similar to you and we are so alike it's like we came from the same vagina...but we didn't., also every morning without fail I speak to my girl Roxy she really helps to make sure I start my morning on a positive note & I'm so proud she's stepping out with releasing her first  hair workshop for parents with super curly kids called "Yindi Curls" . I've managed to drag Scotty's vampire self out of her house to come to a few networking events with me to get her name out there as well as signed her up to read her erotic novel at "The E Lounge" Mr Erotic Noire event on Sunday (she didn't know and wanted to kill me but it's for a greater good! Everyone needs to read her dope stories and get womb pressure!) 

With my betch Scotty looking lavish at the Simply Oloni "Laid Bare" event in February! 

With my betch Scotty looking lavish at the Simply Oloni "Laid Bare" event in February! 

To be real (as I always am) being in this #YearOfLavish single has actually been a blessing, it's meant #NoDICKstractions and me focusing my energy into myself, my friends and family and my brand. It's easy feeling as I'm turning 30 that I'm not married with no kids. It rages my soul when people give you that look, you know the look I'm talking about as if I'm some charity case because I've decided to put my whole energy into being my own boss! But I'm enjoying this stage of my life, do I wish I had Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight), Jay Lewis (Insecure) or Kobi Siriboe (Queen Sugar) in my bed you damn skippy! But as I said turning 30 has made me reflect alot on my past relationships and situationships so I know what I want moving forward, what I refuse to put myself through again & I'm not afraid to say it either! When it comes it will come until then a betch will keep looking lavish, enjoying life & get my flirt on when I feel like it! 

Another thing I will be consistently doing is attending events in the field of TV/Film/Theatre/Entertainment because not only it's the field my career is in but it's great to learn new things, fuel my passion and have fun. Attending the "Laid Bare" event was so refreshing to be in a room full of women of colour speaking openly and candidly about sex and it was all positive and entertaining, plus the Lelo sex table & 2 half naked male models was great on the eye too! But it was also so comforting to be around women & we just all opened up to each other more than just sex but some really personal stuff it was great to be a part of it & I'm looking to do the same for my #Renegades really soon where we can all meet up, have debates and plenty of drinks! 

I think I've rambled enough about myself, I just want to encourage you guys that even if you haven't achieved everything you thought you would have by now..keep going. Slow and steady wins the race believe me, just keep being consistent, work in silence and then surprise a betch with everything that you have been working tirelessly on but also remember that it's just as important to have fun, smile & relax too ain't nobody got time to be overworking and stressing themselves! 

Don't forget to keep checking my "Delia-Rene Diary" if you are interested in attending some of these events with me or to meet up because of course it's great to see you all in and around London! But don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter if you want regular updates and exclusive details because majority of the events I go to are either free or under ten pounds (told you that I'm bargain queen!) 

Still smiling, still scripting, still bumflicking! 

Still smiling, still scripting, still bumflicking! 

How's your Year Of Lavish gone so far?

If there's anything I can support or help you out with holla too!

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