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How you been? 

Can you believe that April is almost over in the #YearOfLavish already? Fu*k a duck the time is passing us by quickly but FEAR NOT I hope that you are still setting yourself goals, smashing them and setting new ones. If you still haven't achieved a particular goal there's no time like NOW to make it happen, trust me I have been avoiding some of mine but it's time for to get my big booty up and them done! 

A lot of you lovely dope #Renegades have been impatiently waiting for some merchandise for me for a while, yes I know and I apologise but I've finally cleaned my ears out, got over my fears and decided to give the people what they want so you can rep it all over whoop whoop. You already know how dope you are so it's time we make others know that right? 


It takes less than 2 minutes to complete but cast your vote below because there's no point in me delivering merchandise that you guys that you didn't ask for and I really value your opinions on what you would like to sip, wear and see on my blog.

Did I mention that everyone that casts their vote will also get exclusive information regarding when the first limited edition merchandise drops for this season! WELL YOU DO! 

Don't waste time I'm only having this form up for a limited time so don't miss your chance! 

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What type of Vex In The City merchandise would you like to see released this season?

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