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Ayia NAH Pa!!!

With summer time fastly approaching, by now people should be looking, or at least KNOW where they wanna go on holiday, some have already paid there deposits ( is very emotional) and some have decided to stay and work hard over the summer instead (credit crunch is political)

For most university students there's only one place that they are looking to go this summer:
************AYIA NAPA************
It seems that year after year this place attracts so many people to go over the summer, alot of people go Napa for different reasons. Whether it be a group holiday with the boys/girls, for the music and the quad biking (the accident rates on them things are amazing), the hypeness, the weather etc etc
But being real most people that go Napa go there because they know it means one thing
and ALOT of it at that!!! (its emotional you know I'm not lying)

I don't understand why so many people are so excited over this place, yeah i like funky music and its nice to go on holiday with your friends but I've never felt the need or want to go to Ayia Napa.
As soon as ppl step off the plane, they lose all blackside sense and they turn into a whole different person.
Fellas back me up but you know if you go Napa on the first night you might be able to get some BOOMBLA because:
Lots of cheap bars + music + no parents = TUTUKAMEN!!!

Better yet, if you don't get it on the first night you sure as hell will during the next 10 days of your visit (its emotional)
Ladies, you know that Napa means that there will be loads of cuties walking up and down Nissi beach, no tops on and looking fly like there an extra for Baywatch, you act like you can't swim so you can get that 1 on 1 session in the sea (them movements there, don't laugh and don't get ideas )
Don't even get me started on the cheap apartments available around Ayia Napa which AGAIN is another opportunity to meet new people, certain people gwan like there apartments are university dorms (its emotional)

Now if you're single or just got out of a bad break up then Napa is perfect for you, you'll be able to find so much man and woman there its like carnival all over again (its political)
Those that are in a relationship are PISSED, because unless I'm coming with you there is NO WAY IN HELL I'm letting my boyfriend go to Napa (its critical) no matter how you try sweet talk the situation on the phone which would usually go:
Boyfriend: Hi babe
Delia-Rene: Whats going on b?
Boyfriend: Nothing just jamming with the man them we're booking our holiday.
Delia-Rene: Oh seen, where you lot going?
Boyfriend: Somewhere in Europe still
Delia-Rene: OK, where in Europe exactly?
Boyfriend: Cyprus
Delia-Rene: And by Cyprus, you mean Ayia Napa
Boyfriend: Well.. yea .. sort of.. but like don't worry because I'm just going to spend time with the man them not for no chicks ...
Delia-Rene (hangs up the phone)
This type of conversation usually leads into a big emotional argument (can i get a witness?)
Furthermore this whole "what happens in napa stays in napa" is a DAMN lie (as you can see I'm getting emotional) because with such things as Facebook (its political) and word of mouth it does come back to the UK (trust me i heard the stories from last yr its emotional)

You must be on CRACK cocaine if you think your gonna see my big fluffy self in Napa, there's too many other places I want to go in my life time and trust me Napa is NOT one of them
How many people can honestly say they met there wifey/hubby in Napa (yeah I'll wait for the response)
I guess it's each to there own, but I'd rather cream 100 people;s foot bottom then go (don't laugh)

YA DIGG?????

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