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Panellist at What A Woman UK

Watch from 7:40 mark


"We worked with Delia on our Spike is 60 film festival screening of "Bamboozled", where she gave intriguing insight into the challenges and the experiences of getting your work shown and keeping it authentic. Due to her many accomplishments in the UK media industry, we felt that Delia was an excellent choice of panellist and would jump at the opportunity to work with her again!" 

We Are Parable

Women Of The Lens.jpeg

Women Of The Lens Film Digital Broadcast Festival debuted November 2017. Some of the core values of this platform include the provision of safe spaces for underrepresented women in the UK media industries to share knowledge, widen audience participation and celebrate achievement. 

Our launch event at Curzon Goldsmiths titled ‘Can She Get Her Sexy Back’ contained ideas close to our hearts. We screened Spike Lee’s film ‘Girl 6’ and followed it with a panel discussion that endeavoured to nail-down the parameters (if there were any) of black women’s sexuality.

It was important for us to include on our panel women who were fearless in their navigation of new terrain in the media industries; confident about expressing strong opinions and proud of experiences which helped to shape their personal development and career growth.

Delia-Rene embodies these traits. We admired the way in which Delia was open and honest with the things she shared about her life. She expertly used her experiences to connect professionally with our audiences who expressed after the event how appreciative they were of Delia-Rene’s contribution. Delia-Rene gelled well with the other panellists to provide heart-warming yet critical analysis of the topic at hand. Equally, Delia-Rene extended her expertise during the wind-down and networking elements of our event that also contributed to making our Launch a success. 

We’ll be watching Delia-Rene’s growth closely. We expect greater things from her as her career develops. We hope that in-between exiting activities, she’ll have the time to join us again at one of our events.

Jennifer Robinson 


"I have had the pleasure of working with Delia on two separate occasions, during a blogging event and workshop. I needed someone authentic and experienced and she was my number one choice. Thank you for sharing your story and being a great inspiration Delia.”

Just Entrepreneurs

We Young Queens.jpg

Delia spoke at my event in 2016 and I was blown away by her eloquence, candour andpositive energy. A professional and polished speaker, Delia was bang on the brief and had the audience laughing, clapping and 'hmm-hmmming' throughout her speech. She was a pleasure to work with, stepping in after a late cancellation and proactively marketing our event on social media. We're so glad that things are popping off her right now and can't wait to hear her speak in the near future.

Annique Sampson