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Yayy my cold is FINALLY starting to go, can everyone dance with me! I HATE having colds and being bunged up!
I hope all that believe  in that stupidness called Valentine’s Day had a great time, now it’s back to reality (muahahaha that’s an evil laugh by the way).
And before you start thinking or saying (because I know you are) I’m not hating on Valentines because I’m single, please respect my life and go back to my blog entitles “Fu*k A Valentines” if you want to know why I don’t celebrate that crap!
I know that recently that it may come across that I am male bashing or angry at all men, to a certain extent this is true (its emotional, hey I’m being honest) but I don’t want to think that I’m some continuously aggressive female that bites every man’s head off!
In the interests of fairness I thought that its time that I address the females, because to be quite frank there just as messed up as the men, sorry boys of this world today!
You have to be pretty dumb or blind to know that women LOVE labels, whether it be Gucci, Christian Laboutins , Louis V, or for those that  love a label on a budget there’s always T K Maxx (don’t laugh).
Apart from this Barbie wannabe’s, every woman is generally individualistic when it comes to personal style and fashion choice. The same comes when applied to men, some have a certain type/ build/face/swagger that they go for. I have to admit my personal taste has had a lot of ups and down (as you can probably tell from most of my blogs, it’s a lot) but I would like to think (and hope) that I base my preferences on the right things!
When it comes to relationship, people are always quick to attach some kind of label to the level of their relationship whether it is:
Link, Fu*k buddy, Wifey, Hubby, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Side Chick, Ting on the side, Bubz, Sexyface, That piece of sh*t.
Let me be very blunt by telling you girls, if you are seeing a guy and he is not exclusively and publicly calling you AND treating his girlfriend/wifey no matter how you try to butter it up you are just someone that he’s sleeping with that he may (or may not) like.
Now don’t be rolling your eyes and kissing your teeth, and saying “What does Miss Vexy know” TRUST ME I know! You guys know I keep it one hundred percent with you. Yeah, you may have cute nicknames for each other, and go out to dinner and have mindblowing sex but when it comes down to it you are not his girlfriend, you may think he treats you like it but if he’s not SAYING it then you have to see it for what it is.
What’s even worse are the females that pressurise a guy into calling them “girlfriend” or are fast to start calling someone their man, unbeknown to the poor male in question, and they literally GAS themselves into thinking they are in a relationship.
Do some of you females not realise, that sometimes a man will just tell you what you want to hear? Just so that they can keep you happy and more importantly quiet! I understand, that sometimes men need that little shove or KICK to realise the potential that they have in front of them and ladies I side with you on that, but when you that shove starts to become desperate and annoying you need to check yourself.
You constantly questioning him about the status of the relationship i.e. being “official” sometimes will work against you, would you not feel better knowing that he WANTED to be your boyfriend instead of you practically MAKING him one?
Furthermore (yes I’m going in) you have a major problem if you say he’s your man, but yet his actions do not reflect that. I find that a huge amount of you couples that are in so called ‘relationships’ are not even on the same page let alone to same book! Some girls are on gas mark 10, talking about they have a boyfriend, yet you’ve never been introduced to his parents (being in his room and his mum pops her head in and says hello don’t count), you don’t see progression in the relationship (he’s always coming to your house, and never takes you out when you ask him he says “soon”) , you don’t see him trying to become a better boyfriend (no calls or texts or bb for you) or planning for the future (no house hunting and holiday planning for you) then you need to wake up and smell the sh*t, and wipe the sh*t from your eyes too!
Like the saying goes, you can never force a man to do what he doesn’t want to, if you both like each other and are supposed to be together then you will be simples! Instead of spending some much time on it, you should be building a strong foundation for your potential relationship and getting to truly know the person, you never know he may not even end up being the man you want!
Like Morpheus says in the Matrix “don’t think you are know you are
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