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No Room At The Inn!!

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a LONG while since I have done a Vex In The City blog, but don’t be mad at me I have been busy writing Venus vs. Mars the online series, doing events, speaking at university and most importantly ENJOYING MY LIFE so don’t be too angry at me! (pretty please)

Firstly, thank you so much to EVERYONE that watches, RT and spreads the word of Venus vs Mars its really appreciated and I am humbled by the love and the words of support that I receive from people, you guys make my day and are the reason we released Venus vs. Mars.

Secondly, thanks to everyone that’s checked out my website it is now officially out (busses a bumflicks) I made the website myself, and a lot of blood, sweat and rage went into it but its finally up and running so keep up to date with me there and sign up to the newsletter!

Now back to business, as those that follow me on Twitter now, it doesn’t take much to make me raged but this is something that I have been experiencing a bit TOO often nowadays so I thought what better way to express my rage than to put it in a blog (yayy!)

I am 25 now ( I know I don’t look it haha), and I’ve been single for a while, and I had the notion that now that I am quite a pivotal age, that the dating game would get easier as the men would be mentally mature and ready to settle down...


As a woman, everyone has their preferences and what they’re looking for in a man. Some set their standards way to high that they don’t even meet them themselves (you’re British Gassed), whereas some as a low as a 90 year old’s nipples (it’s the truth).

Me personally, I do my standards which I honestly don’t think are too unreasonable! I’m not expecting the WORLD because the truth is at 25 years old I’m still improving and working on becoming even better.

But at the very least, can I at least start with a man with a clean CRB, I don’t think that is too much to ask! I understand a man growing up that a lot of you had your own little hustles and ways to make money when you couldn’t find a regular 9-5 but there are some offences that I cannot turn a blind eye to. I don’t feel comfortable falling in love with a man that could potentially beat me, rape me or rob all my sh*t when I’m not home, that’s not very attractive to be honest.

However, the last few months I have been in this dating game, I have encountered men that seem to think that its OK to have our first date at their house or at mine?


Sorry, I know rules are meant to be broken and sometimes adapted over the course of time, but I can’t be the only person that is slightly uncomfortable with a random person being in my house. I wouldn’t invite a tramp into my house so because I’m physically attracted to you I must open my door like it’s a church? It is NOT open for all, it is my personal space (don’t rage me)

What’s wrong with a man coming to my house on the first date? I hear you ask, well you know I’m going to proceed and tell you! So sit back and have a cuppa with biscuits!

I live by myself, and I take great pride in where I live because I worked night and day to make it into a home and somewhere that I am relaxed and happy. For me to invite you to my house, means that I feel comfortable enough to allow you somewhere that is very personal to me, that means I expect you to respect me and also my house (No Coldsteps)

So what would make you think that I would invite you into my house for our first initial meeting?

And even WORSE what I’ve experienced is a conversation that goes a little like this:

Boy: So who do you live with?

Vexy: I have my own place.

Boy: Oh really? That’s good you’re independent... so when am I coming over for some home cooked food?


Don’t rage me please. One thing that raises my blood pressure is when people SELF-INVITE themselves to my house, if I’m not expecting you I will leave you outside and feel no way as I happily watch my TV and eat some food, I have an intercom and when I’m not expecting company you can ring it down but I’ll act as deaf as Ray Charles to it.

So I must invite you to my house, cook YOU food and have you not knowing when to backside leave and I’m not even sure that I like you enough yet? Sorry you can exit stage right with that malarkey hun!

One thing people have a problem with, especially when it comes to being in your house is WHEN TO LEAVE! How many times have you been in the sitting room chilling, nothing on TV , you’re not in the mood for a DVD and this person besides you is getting MORE comfortable in your house? And in your head you’re thinking “does this FOOL not have a home to go to? I want to be by myself now!” so you do the classic “I’m-tired-let-me-start-yawning” technique hoping that they will take the hint.

Sorry not me love, you can’t outstay your welcome when you wasn’t welcomed in the first place! Some people will be slick & blatantly pack an overnight bag, unbeknownst to you this person is intending to stay over, like my house is Premier Inn?

I don’t care that we are adults and how long we have been speaking for, you can't jedi mind trick me into thinking its acceptable for a first date encounter. If it’s a case that money is low I understand everyone has hard times there are plenty of things that you can do for FREE with a person on a first date, it shouldn’t even matter where you take a lady on a date it’s about the company that is with you. Take a chick to a museum, go for a walk down towards Southbank Centre, and just use your IMAGINATION DAMN IT!

Invite you to my house so that you know where I live, people start doing them games like “Oh I was in the area so I thought I would pass by and say hello” why didn’t you just walk PAST my door instead?

I beg you all, stop with this first date at someone’s house foolishness, because I rebuke such an activity.

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