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#ClickAndConnect : Kokela Putuma - "Water"

I am a HUGE advocate and lover of spoken word, poetry, film, theatre, dance, music... basically anything to do with the arts! Since I was a young girl, writing in my song book which really was one of my school books that I took from the teacher's cupboards, I would fill it with words, poems and songs about love ...those were the days. 


Last night I attended an event by the Artistic Directors Of The Future entitled "Black Lives : Black Words" which consisted of a TEDx talk named "Innovate! Innovate F**K S**t Up!" by Remi Graves, Taio Lawson and Omar El-Khairy discussing the future and constraints of black theatre, the evolution of jazz, storytelling, and the importance of a hub for black production and theatre. We were then taken to the theatre to see 10 AMAZING Performances from various BAME playwrights and directors. The two plays that really resonated with me was "Timbucktu" by Ryan Calais-Cameron and "Manifesto" by Courttia Newland. During the talk, Remi Graves spoke about three particular spoken word artists that have revolutionised the spoken word and gone against the norm. I am ALL FOR people that put a middle finger up to social norms and are unapologetically themselves. This one particular artist named Koleka Putuma She is a South African artist, arts facilitator and theatre practitioner as well as the 2014 South African Slam National Champion. Her piece entitled "Water" was originally performed at a TEDx talk who then purposely removed this piece from her performance and when you watch this...I'm sure you will be able to see the reason why! 

I absolutely LOVE this piece and it has really shifted my thoughts and made me aware of my own personal relationship with water.  SO... sit back, avert ALL your attention to every word this piece is saying and click your fingers, shout like I did and connect to this piece! 


I have decided to add onto my blog a piece regularly that is thought provoking, makes me laugh, cry, angry or scream at my screen in adoration. 

I also welcome if you know of any particular events surrounding the arts to PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I will do everything I can to attend, promote and support. I coined the term #ClickAndConnect because that's exactly what I want you guys to be able to do not just with my blogs but with each other.

I love being to connect with like minded.real,down to earth individual so stop being antisocial or shy and holla me or email me directly at  

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I'm NOT about this FULL time life no more!

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