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Sipping In Shoreditch: Attending A Sex Workshop

Sipping In Shoreditch: Attending A Sex Workshop

Hosted by Je Joue and Bijoux Indiscrets I made my way to Shoreditch to pop-up shop for an free workshop entitled "How To Set Your Partner On Fire With Oral Sex For Men and Women" . 

Firstly, let me make something clear this is not to say that their is anything wrong with my plan of action when it comes to pleasing my partner, don't try it. However, I don't see anything wrong with attending an event that may shed some new light onto this topic because even those that work within are constantly researching this topic and making new discoveries. Additionally with me being a sex and relationship blogger writing on this subject on a daily basis it would make sense for me to attend this workshop within my field! 

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I'll be honest...a betch was 20 minutes late struggling with my Google Maps in Shoreditch which made me go down the wrong road in 4 inch heels just upset my soul, but eventually I found Je Joue pop-up shop on a quiet road which resembled Diagon Alley from Harry Potter but thanks to the signage and my homegirl having to whisper to me on the phone as the talk was about to begin I found the destination. 

Je Joue pop-up store, 45 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch , London, EC2A

Je Joue pop-up store, 45 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch , London, EC2A

I was pleasantly surprised that there was a mixed audience featuring singletons, couples, bloggers and writers at the event. Which made me realise that people are naturally inquisitive to learn how to please their partner or to know more about their own sexual organs. I mean lets be honest, if you told your partner that you was attending a workshop regarding how to please them more within the bedroom they're not exactly going to encourage you NOT to attend, they will be at home excited knowing they will be your homework...literally. 

The workshop was delivered by an interesting gentleman who confessed to being a male dominatrix (unfortunately because I was a little late I was unable to get his name) who divulged very honestly and openly about the clients he sees daily. He used humour in his approach of the workshop beside the sweets and free alcohol provided helped to make it a very relaxed event for adults. I sipped as he spoke about the fetishes of his clients and his expertise on how to please your man orally, there were times however that I had to clutch my pearls.

The workshop lasted around 45 minutes with a Q&A section, it was interesting to see as the night progressed the reaction from some of the men went from "oh hell no" to "oh really?" and they began asking questions themselves, there were some couples that looked like they couldn't wait to leave the workshop and try out some of the tips that they had received on the night...just saying. 

Courtesy of Je Joue and Bijoux Indiscrets...feel free to screenshot and use! 

Once the workshop was over and many glasses of wine later we had the opportunity to purchase items within the store and speak further with the lecturer of the workshop. I was able to catch up with fellow sex blogger Dami of Simply Oloni as well as speak to the owners of Je Joue store, who informed that they will be holding further workshops during December for those that are interested in attending! I would recommend that you make a night of it with your closest friends like I did or perhaps make a date night with a difference!! 

Monday 19th December : Alia Fox & Others Panel Discussion

Tuesday 20th December : Sex In A Relationship : Keeping The Fire

Wednesday 21st December: Sex After Childbirth: The Expectation, The Desire, The Reality

Thursday 22nd December: Sh! Oral Sex For Men and Women

Claim your free tickets here

Overall, I enjoyed this night out with my girls to this workshop, firstly its free what its not to love about that? It made great conversation afterwards eating some chicken and waffles at Bird restaurant (review coming soon). The tip sheet was helpful, however I did find myself getting a little lost with the use of scientific words especially as I'm a lightweight sipping on wine, some of the tips that he shared on the night I knew already and due to him only having 45 minutes some information felt a little rushed. When it comes to speaking on oral sex it is not a "one size fits all" attitude, in order to truly know how to satisfy your partner in the bedroom the fool-proof way is just to ask them. Nothing is sexier than your partner showing interest in wanting to ensure that they are doing their job well and being attentive to your needs. One night when you are home with your boo, put on some old school R&B to set the mood, give him a drink and walk up to him like Sisqo and sing to him "tell meeeeeee what you want" because I can assure they will do just that! 

Believe me there is nothing more sexier than looking down at your partner knowing that you put their ass to sleep, dribble and all, you will be walking out of thee bedroom feeling like you've conquered the wall, buss a little bumflick in celebration and go to sleep smiling! 

Do you have tips on how to please your partner? Click the heart and comment below! 

Kisses And Bumflicks  

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