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Mama Leahs

Mama Leahs

Mama Leahs was recommended to myself by fellow creative Tori KBD as I've previously seen her eat at this restaurant and was curious to eat there myself! 

Mama Leahs is situated in South East London on Old Kent Road. it is a black owned business of Tobi Raphael who started his business back in 2010 selling pancakes and waffles in Lewisham (awesome right?) 

Since then, Mama Leahs has gone from a small trailer to a full blown two-storey restaurant with an extensive menu that caters to many! *yaaaassss* 

I went to Mama Leahs on a Thursday evening 7pm with my friend who was already waiting for me. When I arrived, I was surprised that it was just us two in the restaurant, I felt like Sidney out of Love & Basketball when Kelby shut down the restaurant just for her.

Mama Leahs


It took me about 45 minutes to get to the venue via public transport the closest Overground stations are Queens Road Peckham or South Bermondsey. I lost my oyster somehow on my journey (I mean it IS shade)  and was in thigh high boots so I'm not going to lie I took an Uber from the station which took another 10 minutes of my journey. 


There is no parking available on the main road as it's a major road with a bus lane, however there is parking available on side roads. 



Ladies - Jeans, Jumper,  Casual T-shirt , boots/trainers

Gentlemen - Casual top, jeans, trainers


Friends Catch-up/ Casual Dinner / Business Meetings


Vegetarian menu available


(Each £ = £10)

££ - ££££


Mondays - 10% off all in-store orders

Monday to Friday - Lunchtime menu £5.95 & £8.95 for two meals (not all meals included

Sundays - £10 for chicken, waffles AND a cocktail

Table for Two Mama Leahs
Table For Two Mama Leahs

One thing is for sure Mama Leahs is extremely popular for takeaways! For the entire duration of my meal more than 10 Deliveroo/Uber Eats drivers came to pick up orders at the restaurant so it is safe to say it is a well known and the food is sought after! There is also an additional space downstairs available for hire if you would like a more enclosed dining experience or too hold a private event. 

Mama Leahs is definitely a good spot to go to if you are looking for a good meal at a great price. It would definitely be a good place to catch up with friends/family like I did as it is a chilled out environment. Well done Mama Leahs! 

Have you been Mama Leahs? What would you recommend to eat? 

Kisses & Bumflicks

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