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Welcome to my blog. I document my screenwriting, my life, talk a lot about relationships & daily rants in 2017 my #YearOfLavish. 

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2018 - The Year of Cre-18!

2018 - The Year of Cre-18!

Happy New Year Renegades! 

Whether the #YearOfLavish was a positive or difficult year for you I want to celebrate with you because you made it to another year! 

I encouraged everyone on my #VexInTheCityLive to write a letter to their future self that you will open a year from now with all your goals and aspirations that you want to achieve within a year. Whether they may be small or big goals it doesn't matter, let your mind roam free and dream big! I read my letter during my last #VexInTheCity of the year on Instagram, it was amazing to see how many things I had actually achieved without me knowing. 

There is something supernatural and powerful with writing your goals in your own handwriting and speaking it into existence. When you have faith in God and do the work, you become an immovable force. 

Last year in my blog "Why I Left My Job To Pursue My Career" I spoke at great length as to my personal choice of leaving my job as a Head Of Year within education and focus on being a freelance writer. 

Little did I know, how powerful stepping out on faith and believing in my self would result in one of the most amazing years of my life! 

I began the year by having a meeting with a commissioner in TV, I'm not going to lie I thought it was a twisted joke, why would a person so high up in TV want to meet me and speak about writing? I went to the meeting shitting bricks, I had planned everything I was going to say in my head but within 5 minutes I realised that there was no point but to be my authentic self. 

When working within the TV & Film industry, it can be very easy to become a "people pleaser" because your coins and reputation is EVERYTHING. So when I first started, I was always thinking  to create content that I thought ITV, BBC, Channel 4 would like, but it's not about making your writing fit in with what they already have (to some extent you need to know what channel you see your content on and why, it's imperative you know your audience and do your research) but content that YOU would want to see yourself. 

Don't write for TV...write what you would want to see on TV yourself!

During my #YearOfLavish I have had amazing opportunities, including touring in the UK for "Spike is 60" film festival, meeting Spike Lee the legend himself, speaking at "Women Of The Lens" festival and attending numerous workshops, including monthly Sky Drama Table Reads which champion BAME writers. I have made new friendships, sacrificed more than ever and learned so much about myself it is unreal. But this comes with pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and walking into the unknown. 

That's not to say it has been easy because if I tell you the things I had to go through personally with friends, family and now exes of mine, it would take a bottle or 6. 

So I decided that this year would be called:

20 Cre-18

As I truly believe that this is going to be a phenomenal year of creatives! I don't even know where to start, we have BLACK PANTHER coming out this year (which I literally can't wait for, I have my elegant gown like I'm a native of Wakanda myself), the final season of "Scandal" which now includes a crossover episode with "How To Get Away With Murder!" Season 3 of "Queen Sugar" will be in production, Season 3 of "Brothers With No Game" is now available on Traceplay, Season 4 of "Black Mirror", "Grown-ish" the spinoff series of Black-ish has begun, and lets not forget "Insecure" Season 3 which I am HERE FOR as well as two new projects from Issa Rae. 

But let's not forget that there are a plethora of talented BRITISH creatives that are producing amazing content, events, books, poetry, art that I will be supporting and promoting this year. I want this year to be full of so much talent and content that we all can't help but support and be inspired by it! 

For me personally, I have so many ideas that I want to produce and let you guys see this year and I am committed to making sure that it is finished! Especially as you guys haven't seen anything from me since Ex-periences which you love to remind me about! But trust me the wait will be worth it! 

So if you have been thinking about writing a book, performing poetry, putting on an art show, having your own event, writing for TV/Film/Theatre whatever you want to do I seriously want to encourage you that THIS IS THE YEAR TO DO IT!

Do not listen to others who try to make you feel that you aren't ready to it, don't put yourself down and say that you are not ready, don't put it off for another year, the TIME IS NOW!

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For those that need support and guidance in order to make their creative dreams come true and looking for a mentor, I will be releasing my Coaching session very soon! Sign up to my mailing list for exclusive news and details for my coaching! 

What have you got planned for 20 Cre-18?

Have you written down your goals? 

Let me know!

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Creatives In The City: HouseParty by Bridge Media

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