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I'm quitting social media for 30 days!

I'm quitting social media for 30 days!

We are officially halfway through the #YearOfLavish it seems like yesterday that I was writing the "Year Of Lavish" Ebook and writing my goals for 2017 and we're already in June! When did that happen? Fuck a duck!

How many of your lavish goals have you achieved so far? 

Firstly, thank you to all the #Renégades that have kept me posted on what goals you have achieved so far! I'm so happy that so many of you are not only smashing the things you want to achieve, but you are happier and looking lavish as ever whilst embarking on your journey! Now is a better time than any to think about the goals that you want to achieve, you still have time to get things done! Look at me a betch is going to hell aka gym with Lucifer 4 times a month do you think I would have done that at the beginning of the year? You must be sniffing skittles! It doesn't matter when you decide to start achieving your personal goals, do it when your mindset is ready to do it and you will keep consistent with action even when it gets hard! 


Now we're in June I've realised that I need to up the levels when it comes to my scriptwriting, I've started written down more ideas than I ever have before and I can't wait to see them in fruition. However, the issue is that I'm writing scenes/characters/ideas into my notebook and not actually writing the scripts themselves. So whenever someone asks me "how are the scripts going?" I respond that they are going well but in my soul I know I should be doing better. 

That's not to say that I haven't been writing at all because I have, but I am hard on myself and I'm very conscious of what I want to achieve by the end of the year but the one thing that is stopping me is my damn self and social media. 

Listen we're all millennials, every day we have a routine of when we wake up we check out phones, on our way to work, on the toilet (don't act like it's just me), whilst at work, and before go to bed we are glued to our phones, posting selfies and videos for people to see.  

As I'm a writer I'm a social media fanatic, I regularly scroll through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to keep up to date with what's happening in the world,I look at other people's lives and make assumptions especially when their "bae" has disappeared from their profile picture and I construct what I think went down or when a new boo pops up out of nowhere (yeah its the creative writer in me don't judge, plus I'll admit I'm inner like that). In today's society it has become social norm to delve into people's lives and judge upon what we see, we click like, screenshot and gossip with out friends as people expose so much on their social media that not much is regarded as sacred anymore. 

We can literally see anything on social media and I'm mean anything! Weddings,funeral, child birth, break-ups, proposals, dates and unfortunately even people dying. It's scary as people we have been exposed to due to our smart phones and I worry for future generations if they realise that life is beyond the devices that they hold in their hands and remember to put their phones down and enjoy the life that they have. We're becoming numb and immune to the atrocities and horrors that we see on our phones to the point that we feel the need to share that disgust with someone else instead of just deleting it. To this day I'm still horrified at the fact that I have witnessed seeing men get shot and die by the hands of the men/women employed to "serve and protect us" that is something that I will never forget as much as I have tried to. 

I've realised that even when I'm exhausted I will spend hours on my phone scrolling through the several platforms and before I know it I've wasted time on my phone which is burning hot in my hands with pin and needles in my arms when my backside should be sleeping! Even when I wake up after I've turned off my alarm for at least 10 minutes; you guessed it I'll be on social media catching up on all the latest news or things I think I've missed when my ass was asleep. 

Why? Because betch I need to! I don't think it's healthy to be heavily reliant upon social media and my phone. My phone should not be an extension of me, it's a tool I use for communication and to utilise for my business and social needs. I love engaging in deep and meaningful conversations and I find it disheartening when the person isn't even mother trucking listening to me because they are more concerned with scrolling through their phone. I'm so thankful that I grew up in the era of when mobile phones and social media we're not the be all and end all of my life in fact social media was a MYTH; as kids we would play outside from sunrise to sunset and not a selfie or hashtag was in sight! Therefore I need to set the example and take a break from all forms of social media. 

I'm hoping for a few things whilst I take a social media detox:

1) To finish the drafts of my TV pilot and my 2 short film scripts. 

2) Spend quality time with my friends and family that involves deep and meaningful conversation, laughter and memories that don't need to be documented on social media. 

3) Discipline myself to spend my time doing fun and spontaneous things. 

4) Read a book.

5) Have a better sleeping pattern. 

6) Better myself spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

7) Spend the time smashing some of my #YearOfLavish goals

It will also be interesting to see how it affects the friendships that I have when they realise that I am not so easily accessible on social media. It's easy to send a WhatsApp message but to sit down and hear the person's voice and hold a conversation that last more than 5 minutes is rare and something that I'm looking forward to. I can't be the only person that does a serious eye roll when I see I've got a voicenote over 3 minutes BETCH JUST CALL ME WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! I told my friends and family that I was taking the break from social media and some don't think I will last a week (show's how much faith they have in me) but I was encouraged when I saw that others have also taken a social media break and learned a lot from it. 

I will continue to blog every Friday as I routinely do but I will not be engaging on social media platforms. As you can see it's a new month so I thought it's about time I changed the aesthetic of my blog and tried something new which I hope you guys will love and enjoy too, will love to know what you think! 

Have you ever taken a social media detox? 

Are you thinking of taking one? You are more than welcome to join me! 

Until July I can't wait to see what happens and what I achieve this month so when I do finally update you it will be worthwhile! Don't miss me too much and don't you dare unfollow me because I will poke you in the eye and smash your phone if I ever see you! Kiss my ass so what! 

Kisses and Bumflicks

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