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Welcome to my blog. I document my screenwriting, my life, talk a lot about relationships & daily rants in 2017 my #YearOfLavish. 

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About Me

Vex In The City was first established in November 2008 by Delia-Rene on Facebook. 

At first it was simply a few Facebook notes shared amongst her friends, however she was encouraged by her friend, to create a blog group so that others would be able to read her blogs.


Firstly because she resides in London Town, her love for Sex & the City the TV series, and she's found that a lot of her followers find comedy when she's rants away in her writing!
Vex In The City focuses around Delia-Rene's life and the experiences that she has gone through (or someone that she knows) whilst growing up in London.

Covering a broad amount of topics including love, sex, dating and relationships, Vex In The City has become infamous not only on Facebook but on countless websites and magazine articles .Primarily read by her close friends and family, the blog began to steadily grow through word of mouth and the followers inviting others to join, her first blog named "If Women and Sex were like Pro-Evolution" arising the issue of men and their love for games and the females left out during their "men time".

Her writing style has been described as comical but truthful. When writing her blogs, Delia-Rene is RAW but REAL and remains truthful which is one of the reasons why so many people can relate to what she says.

Delia-Rene is more than just a writer, she is also a talented singer performing in many talent shows within and around London. In 2010 she made her acting debut in a theatre production named "Love Is A Losing Game" by Talented & Young Company  which has had 3 sold out shows in Jacksons Lane Theatre & New Player Theatre. In September 2010 she embarked on a university tour in and around London with the production, something that she is very proud about. Additionally she was also the Co-Director of Truly Inspired Youth Company who produced a play called "Family Affairs" this is Delia-Rene's first encounter of being a co-director and it enjoyed successful sold out shows in London.

Her most recent achievements involved making her writing debut with “Venus vs Mars” online series, which currently has had over 150,000 views on Youtube,Venus vs Mars has been picked up by Sky Living HD and made its debut on TV in 2015 an accolade that Delia-Rene is very proud of and looking to continue!

She is also a Streetdance teacher, with her own Streetdance group named "S.W.A.T Team" which stands for Strong Women Are Talented, she transfers and strengthens their dancing skills as well as encourages leadership and communal learning with her students. Her streetdance group have successfully performed in numerous competitions and events throughout London, and continue to go from strength to strength, in her spare time she teaches kids aged between 5-18 years of age contemporary, breakdance, jazz & many other genres of dance to!

When asked what "Vex In The City" means to Delia-Rene she responded:

"Vex In The City is more than just a blog to me, it’s like my little baby and its continuously evolving and presenting many opportunities for me, I thoroughly enjoy covering topics and issues that I think everyone at one point of their life has experienced. It also has allow me the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life, and most importantly give back to the community by speaking in various universities and speaking at business events. Vex In The City has presented me with so many opportunities, which I am immensely grateful and I am humbled and in awe of the support of everyone that reads my articles. There is plenty more to come from me and Vex In The City, more than just writing, I have a few surprises coming up for everyone and I hope that everyone continues to enjoy it!! Vex In The City is more than a blog, it’s a movement !!“

Kisses and Bumflicks xx 

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