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2 Link Or Not 2 Link


This word is INFAMOUS used nowadays by people to describe there relationship with a female or male. I'm not gonna lie before I used to use the word myself when talking about someone that I was seeing. You use it when your seeing someone but it's not exclusive or on them boyfriend/girlfriend levels.

When you're someones "link" it may be a thing of convenience, you both like each other but due to certain reasons you either can't be together or simply don't want to (you're not in the mood for a serious relationship)

Some people stay links for a VERY VERY VERY long time to the point its actually ridiculous, there practically GOING out but neither one of them want to make the official step, are waiting on the other one to ask or are just cool with the way the relationship is.

Now when we were all teenagers (which was a lonngg time ago, centuries for some ha ha) being a link wasn't a problem, you weren't interested in a monogamous relationship and we're interested in a couple of people at the same time, you were "living your life". However after a while, you do come to a point when you realise that being a "link" is actually LONG!!!

It's time consuming, monotonous and being someone's link means that you don't actually have any status or power in that relationship to tell that person anything.

In most cases when people link each other, there's always gonna be one person feeling the person more than the other (which usually turns out to be the female, we're just emotional like that) so there's already an imbalance in the relationship at first it won't be a problem, but as time progresses its becomes bigger and bigger to the point where you may end up arguing with your link over any and everything and not telling them the REAL reason why your upset in the first place.

The reason why I think linking is long is because I don't like sharing!! which is exactly what you have to do when you are someone's link. It's that unspoken agreement when you're a link that you can't tell that person NOTHING when it comes to them doing there own thing. And everyone knows that reads this, that I tell it like it is regardless if your my man, link, friend, friend with benefit, ex i don't CARE!! Mek dem 2 know!!!!!!

Also I think after a while if I've been "linking" you and we haven't decided to make the relationship exclusive, then I'm not going to carry on sitting there and waiting. I would rather be ALONE n HAPPY then be with someone and be like WAT AM I DOING HERE?

I totally understand that some people choose to "link" people because at that moment of time you might be busy trying to sort out your life and would rather keep it that way, then be in a serious relationship and not give ur 100% if this is the case, I'm cool with that coz your first priority, but just don't have someone there for the sake of convenience because that's disrespectful and quite frankly a PISS TAKE!!! (mek dem 2 know!)

Once again people just keep it REAL wen you are linking someone, I've seen alot of people that have been linking for ages end up having a serious relationship and are still together now (HOLD TIGHT YOU!!) and I've seen people break up BADLY over linking someone (I've seen the evidence on people's cars and shit, its not nice!!)

Just be careful who you decide to link, because some people will act like there grown and can handle being in that kind of relationship but in truth there chatting AIR and don't wanna just be truthful to themselves.


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