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Kisses & Bumflicks

1, 2 Many???

If someone were to ask you:

"How many people have you slept with?"

Would you be TOTALLY honest and give the real answer (Let me know!)

Me personally, I HATE when a person asks me that question because to me it doesn't really have any relevance to me and their relationship, furthermore to be quite honest its actually NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!!

Now don't get me wrong I don't feel ashamed of my S.P number (S.P = sexual partners and NO I'm not telling you either) however in this world that we're living in people are too judgemental and the moment that you tell someone your S.P number they will judge you regardless.

Depending on what your S.P number is, you will either get judged positively or negatively or maybe a bit in the middle! From my own personal experiences a general average S.P number tends to be between 10-20 for people in their 20's. However I know a lot of people that have slept with less than 10 people and I also know people that have slept with more than 30, if you asked your partner the same question and he/she told you that they've had over 40 S.P don't LIE and say that your first initial thought will be "oh my gosh, are you being serious you just fuck for sport". You know that a part of you wouldn't want to carry on the relationship further because you don't want to be just another "number" to there list of S.P's.

Knowing someone's S.P number you automatically make assumptions. You ASSUME they were a hoe/friend, you ASSUME that they probably haven't changed, you ASSUME that they have plenty of kids that they don't know about (in relation to a boy), you ASSUME that there not the right person for you, you ASSUME you've found out everything that you need to know about that person due to there S.P number. I know a lot of people that were a bit wild in there younger days, lost their virginity when they were young (and some people I'm talking REAL young!!), gone through some BAD relationships and times. That's cool with me because NO1 IS PERFECT!!!

If you actually sat down with that person and got to know them properly, you might understand WHY they were that way back in the day, and not to be so quick to put up a defensive if you don't like what you're hearing.

People do change and learn from there mistakes, if up to that point you had no reason to doubt why they wanted to be with you and that you know that they want to be in a serious relationship then DO NOT ASK THAT QUESTION!! Obviously everyone has a past, but it is dependent on YOU how much you let it control your future relationships. For all you know from his/hers past they may have learnt from their mistakes and be the BEST partner you've had to date!!!


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