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Are You On Your Period

How many times has a guy asked you this question when you're vex, arguing or giving them the "silent treatment". I can not stress 2you how much this question UPSETS MY SOUL! (It's Emotional,Political,Spiritual & Critical!)

Why do men assume that the reason I'm in a bad mood or I'm angry with them is because I'm on my period! Now HOLD ON a second, I do have to hear my man dem because sometimes us women can act a little CRAZY and we do take out out frustrations on our partner when its not actually there fault. For example, we've been moody before they even walked through the door. So the only reason they can see after asking you TEN million times "What's wrong with you/ are you alright/ tell me why you're vex" is that you're on you're period and its going to be "one of THEM days".

Most of you guys that know me, know that 90% of the time, I'm happy and bussing joke. So if I am vex/moody it is 4 a reason. If it is because of something real personal, I would tell my partner "I don't really wanna talk about it" & I will lighten my mood when he's around coz it's not his fault is it??


If I'm having a VALID argument and he's just being dumb,deaf and defensive because he doesn't get my point of view and then throws the "are you on you're period/ you must be on you're reds coz your chatting shit" card I lose all control of my inner self!! Sometimes I WISH I was on my period, coz I would take the pad off and SLAP them across the face with it (yh its vulgar but I don't care!) but most of the time my reaction is "why does my period have to be the problem, why can't my problem be with you!" or some of you chicks will WHILE out and that's when the argument turns physical (which I ain't on coz I like my face the way it is, try know I can give a GOOD punch but I'm crap @ receiving them back) Furthermore, man dem don't gwan like sometimes YOU don't have some serious mood swings and pick arguments as well!!!

If I had one wish (hold tight Ray J lol) I would want everyman 2 experience a period for a week and then I guarantee that you would never use that question AGAIN!!!

IF it does turn out that you're girl is on her period and is a little down (ladies it is emotional!), be a little sympathetic, give her some love and affection (not 2much during her period because that's nasty!) coz i GUARANTEE she will remember & the day she's off she pay you back GREATLY!!


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