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Welcome to my blog. I document my screenwriting, my life, talk a lot about relationships & daily rants in 2017 my #YearOfLavish. 

Kisses & Bumflicks

Fluffy Ladies

2 all my curvy women,fluffy girls, big boned women WHATEVER you want 2call us STAND UP & BE PROUD!


You bitches are getting on my TITS, not only my tit but my NIPPLES 2! (kmft)

If your a female sized 4-12 news flash you are NOT fluffy! If I hear 1more skinny bitch that's a size 8/10 complain that they are fat, there will be a new case of a foot in mouth breakout on the news 2nite (think I'm playing?) YOU skinny bitches don't go through what I have 2, I suffer from BACK PAIN because of the weight of my chest and the fact that I have more bumpa than I have back (DON'T LAUGH its emotional i keep telling u lot), wen i walk my bumpa just does its own thing jiggling all over the place and wen i ran (which ain't often) and i stop try know my bumpa is still going through aftershocks, buying clothes is a CHORE (lets not even get into that subject), my you're skirts are supposed 2b knee length but somehow are on your thighs because your bum lifts it up a good 5-10cm (CAN I GET A WITNESS?)

I guarantee you if my friends and I were to go out to eat in a restaurant, when i step in the restaurant, the restaurant will assume that its me that's gonna take the PISS out of the all you can eat buffet. (don't laugh) but TRUST its them sly skinny bitches and bastards that have the holes in there stomach (stupid sommabitches r 2 fast R.I.P Bernie Mac!)

I LOVE being a thick female and no female should ever feel shame, yea I've got my insecurities and I'm no model but we females are too harsh on ourselves (LIGHTEN UP) There are plenty of man out there that will LOVE your fluffy belly, the rolls on your back and your thick thighs! like the ancient saying

" Dogs like bone but men like meat" (MEK DEM 2 KNOW!)

Everyone is entitled to their own preference if you like slim females I'm not attacking you, but don't panic if a fluffy girl is interested in you, wot the fuck do you think we wanna do EAT you? my name ain't Hannibal Lectur (its spiritual)


Ladies if you are fluffy remember that there are certain things that you CAN'T wear, stop trying to squeeze yourself into things that don't fit you, and there are certain outfits that skinny bitches can pull off that we can't. I would rather be comfortable in my own size than suffocating myself in something that's BLATANTLY not meant for me (who wants to faint out here?)

& to all you skinny cocky bitches that think that we ain't a threat because in the summer you show off your stomach and shit its ALL GOOD i don't hate coz try know wen it comes to winter and your man is feeling cold its not his heater ALONE that's gonna keep him warm (its alot its alot) that's the time wen they call on one of us fluffy females you stay there!!


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