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Family Affair

Now this is the situation I gone through b4 and it upset my soul, and disturbed my equilibrium (trust its emotional) I'll paint the setting, you've been seeing someone 4a while, everything is good, the relationship is nice,& it comes 2da point when they wanna introduce you to the family. Now this could either be meeting the immediate family (mum, dad, bro n sis) or a family gathering (christening,baptism etc). You get all dressed up, looking fresh and you're a little nervous (after all you want them 2like you) You meet the parents and its all good, buss a lil joke & then the sibling walks through the door and your mouth DROPS and you lose all sense and sensibility because there sibling is FINE & I'm talking you wanna just on them, there and then & buss some slow jams.

You don't even realise that you're no longer listening 2 your partner, because you're fixated on there bro/sis but then you slip back into reality (don't wanna bait yourself, and don't laugh) you close your bottom lip b4 your dribble (its emotional) & carry on normal (but deep down you're PISSED don't lie).

For the rest of the time you're there you find yourself looking at the sibling a bit 2 often, you still pay attention 2ur partner (its rude if you don't) & enjoy yourself. Now, when you get home, you're slightly vex coz in your head you're thinking "why couldn't I meet the bro/sis first?" its not that ur partner ain't nice looking but there sibling has da lil va va voom!! (its political!) You might even call you're closest friend & tell them bout the situation (gotta let out your frustration right? its not funny its emotional)

Now its not ur partners fault that there sibling is nice looking they can't help that so i BEG you don't take it out on them, coz that's FUCKERIES if when you go over there you're secretly lusting over there bro/sis (its spiritual) & now I know a few of u (you know who you are) that have taken as far 2even start linking the sibling on a sly (that's alot 2my system) this isn't family affairs (remember that on channel 5?). Because its not nice breaking up people's families man.

If it gets 2much 4you & you realise that you like the sibling more then you need 2cut yourself loose & go bout ur business (that's real deep though , don't laugh!)

I think that its deep if you do, coz that shows a level of immaturity, if everything is blessed with your partner than why change it, yh there siblings nice but get over it there FORBIDDEN fruit & i mean forbidden (lets not repeat an Adam n eve situation please! we're all reaping the consequences of that!) and don't try come with some "technically speaking" talk 2 try and convince me and yourself about the situation. Just be content with what you HAVE & stop concentrating on what you DON'T HAVE!


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