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What I'm gonna talk about is usually done by females, but this does not mean that men don't do it either, in fact more n more of you are doing it as well (its emotional!!)

What I wanna know is:


I know some of you are laughing coz you've done it, I'm not gonna lie when I was younger I was guilty of doing this, if a guy left there phone around and went out the room I would go through it. Now in those times (its emotional) when i was a teenager, most people didn't have a camera phone (remember wen the 8810 was the phone 2 have!) and even if u did have a camera phone the camera would be so WACK! So the most incriminating evidence was text messages. Your inbox was like your credit report of your personal life, some of you guys credit report was fair to good, BUT alot of guys had a BAD credit report, & we like fools from when we find 1 text that we don't like we keep going further and further into there history, & our fingers get more n more tense ( da smile quickly disappears from your face boi!) now with the advancement of picture messages, emails & videos on your phone there's even MORE evidence stored in your phone (its political)

When u hear them coming back, u quickly put it bk try remember how EXACTLY the fone was left and all sorts (don't wanna look bait) or some of u blatantly just stay with da fone in ur hand with ur vex self (that's alot), now you know what ever u've seen is automatically gonna start an argument, a) the person is gona b pissed coz you went through there personal property (which is a valid argument) b) ur all amped up coz there sending "over friendly" texts to some1 else apart from you. Or you could b one them people that just be quiet from that point on n be all vex n awkward with them but don't tell why. Now wen u argue it could get real heated n i know some ppl have taken it out on da fone n ended up smashing it into pieces (its not Nokia or Samsungs fault is it? don't laugh and then the argument gets even more HEATED n I'm talking bout good old Jerry Springer days heated)

Now in ur memory wotever name or names (its alot its alot) dat u see appear 2much in there fone will forever remain etched in ur brain (our memory is interesting like dat), so you either use it as a tool in a argument "who da fuck is Alisha/Dwayne", "don't ask me 2do nothing 4 u ask Alisha/Dwayne (to which there reply would b "wot are u talking bout" and after a few words the realisation that you've gone through there fone) or whenever u see or hear them talking to that particular person you TENSE up n get vex n listen 2 da every word of the conversation (why is he/she smiling so much talking to them? thinks I'm stupid? yh u try talk in code to show that you're wid me so they have 2 call you bk, y is she/he calling u late think i dunno bout booty calls? DON'T LAUGH!)

This situation used 2 happen ALOT back in the day and broke up alot of relationships and phones (who had insurance bk in them days are u mad?!) it was emotional trust, but now ppl have learnt there lesson, that's that wonderful thing called a PIN lock (ooo my days whoever initiated it into phone's must have gone through it plenty of times themselves), or ppl just automatically delete there inbox and sent messages daily (which I personally think means you have something 2 hide lol) or you simply take ur fone EVERYWHERE wid u, even wen ur going on the toilet 2 da DREAD number 2! (its emotional).

If you go through ur partners phone I think it shows a level of insecurity and lack of trust, I've learnt through these situations that ignorance is BLISS, if his actions or for any reason makes u think he's playing the field then confront him about it, I know its hard wen you don't have no legal evidence but that's a invasion of privacy doing that.

Some of out go OVER EXCITED with this CSI detective movements and have even started looking through peoples drawers and even there emails,facebook and pictures on there computer (what are u doing?? do you work for MI5?) That actually disturbs my waters do u know how CRAZY you are if you do that shit?? You've got serious problems if you do, my bedroom is MY PERSONAL SPACE,n i don't let everyone n any1 in there so if I do than I have to be very comfortable with you and its a big step for me so don't take this piss, unless I'm specifically showing things in my room then sit there, look at the pics on the wall n enjoy my company nah!!!

Yes, sometimes going through there fone makes you find things that you wouldn't necessarily have found out any other way, because there are some natural born liars (Some of you lot are sliicckkk with the lies, they just roll of ur tongue without u even having 2 think!) so sometimes it was ur last option, but don't at the end of the day that is THERE PERSONAL PROPERTY and its disrespectful to do that I know some of you ppl are thinking "well if they didn't have anything 2hide then we wouldn't have this problem" I hear you I really do but don't be wid some1 that you don't trust (can I get a witness?) In some cases I know its wrong to say but IGNORANCE IS BLISS, I'd rather NOT know and hopefully find out one day and be naturally shocked and angry, then go through ur fone and wait to see how long it takes you to tell me (coz TRUST that day is NOT gonna come!) and you'll feel like MORE of a fool.


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