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Un-Happy Slapping

This conversation come up wid a good friend of mine (you know who you are haha) but I wanted to talk bout it.

I asked him if he is a wife beater, to which he replied no (i know some of you will think he's lying but he's a real honest person and I believe him!) but I know guys that have come close to slapping a girl when there in an arguement & girls keep kicking and punching the guy even when he's gripsed you up and told her you to calm down (you girls get OVER excited when you hit guys and they don't hit you back!)

Now I know, that sometimes your actions can get the better of you and they only way 2express your emotions when you're angry with a male partner is to lash out and hit,punch or kick them (although most of the time you really ain't doing much damage 2them, unless you do there their face or nuts but don't get it twisted I ain't here trying 2 give you pointers!!)

I've NEVER put my hand on a man when I'm arguing, because personally I think if you're woman enough to slap a man in there face then you're woman enough to recieve one straight back & when they do, don't try give that suprised look either!

I'm a lover not a figher & to be honest I'd be shook if a man punched me in my face, I don't wanna look like Sofia from the Colour Purple (its emotional, Oprah looked JACKED UP)

As much as people laugh, I've seen girls be literally beaten 2 a pulp & be afraid of there OWN PARTNER!! Same way I've seen guys with some black, blue, purple and next kind of shade eyes.
If you find you're having a heated arguement & neither of you are backing down, you feel yourself clenching your fist or looking for an object to throw at them, be the bigger person get up & walk out, or better yet just have some vex sex (that's another note for another time but its GREAT trust!)

If you're with someone that can't take criticisms very well, or likes to resort to violence all the time, don't stand for it. I know people like to say " I love him/her", "they said that their sorry & won't do it again", "it was slightly my fault" because who do you love more them or yourself?

After a while your parents stop beating you (hopefully, although my mum is St Lucian she don't BUSINESS what age you are!) because they know you've reached an age where beating is not a way of getting through to you, they'll think of other methods such as kicking your ass out! (temporarily though!) So WHY would I want go from a childhood of beatings to tolerate it in my adult life?

With the way the world is nowadays you gotta think before you do something, because men will not hesistate to KNOCK YOUR JAW OUT OF PLACE! Furthermore I know alot of you women are heavy handed, so might not think your hand is that heavy but you're not on the receiving end of it. I know certain gals that could slap the black of people (remember that Everybody Hates Chris episode, its emotional!)

So, the next time you get in a arguement think about what you're doing, because the next time you ladies raise your hand, you better have the TCP ready, and if any man slaps a girl on a regular basis than you don't have respect for a female and you abuse the physical power that you have over that woman, I'm not you're child I'm you're partner so treat me like it.


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