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You Look Better In The Dark

Now I know alot of you have read the title so you probably have guessed and experienced what this is gonna be about. This happens to both males and females but still you know IMA BREAK IT DOWN!!

How many times have you gone raving, to a bar or open mic/comedy night wherever there's dim or no lighting (don't laugh yet) and someone catches you're eye. You exchange looks, might flirt a little to show that you're interested,you might even dance with them, get a little convo going (which usually involves asking their name,& where there from, blah blah) sometimes depending on how the conversation went and how long you've been talking ot them (hopefully more than 30mins) you exchange numbers.
Everything is gd for the rest of the night, you might even do this routine a good couple of times during the night (its emotional), you're happy with how the night has ended


They put the lights on (its emotional don't laugh)

Lighting has the AMAZING gift of showing you everything!! You see the people that sweated BUCKETS, the state of certain gyals weaves and hairstyles and then your eyes set upon the person that you talked to that night (its emotional from dis point).
At 1st, you think your eyes are decieving you,true it takes a while for your eyes to re-adjust from being in the dark so long to the bright light (again DONT LAUGH), then you hope that you've got the wrong person and the person you WAS talking to has already left (you hope its just a coincidence that they both have the same outfit on, this is serious don't laugh).

By then you HOPE that they ain't the person, until you see them walking towards you, in your head your thinking "please don't be walking towards me,please walk past me" but there looking dead straight at you and smiling (shit it is me there walking to). You have to put on a brave face and act like you're not phased because it would be disrespectful if you said "are you MAD? look at your face and look at mine, this would never work out, computer says no, you looked better in the dark" because thats suicidal talk if you're on the recieving end of this speech (i beg you don't laugh)

So instead,(I hope) you try to be civil, have a quick convo with them before your friends click on who you're talking 2 and start asking questions, even though inside you fee like CRYING LIKE A BITCH you try and get out the facility as quick as possible!

Unless you're willing to see this person strictly after sunset hours you know that you probably don't ever want to see that person AGAIN! You probably end up avoiding there calls or not call them at all! In order to avoid this headache and upsetting your soul and ruining your night I suggest these little pointers:

a) If you're gonna get DRUNK, give your phone to one of your friends so you don't put any numbers in your phone and wake up the next morning and foolishly text/call them to see who they are.

b) Bring the person to a fully lighted area, my personal one is to bring them to the bar with me (say there's too much noise or you need a drink) where there is light so that I can study them PROPERLY! (it saves you trouble trust me!)

c) Don't give them your number , always take theirs so that you're in control of who calls who.

d) Before you give out your number ask your closest friend, preferable one wid 20/20 vision to clarify you haven't got shit in your eyes.

e)Wait until the end of the night when the lights come on to exchange numbers, say it's in your car or something so that if you don't like them you can leave quickly!

If you have any other ways let a sister know! So that we can decrease the possibilities of this happening again (because we're all friends in this group now right?)


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