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Computer Love

With the era of new technology such as Iphone, Facebook and Skype and most importantly the T Mobile 5 Day Pass (although I'm PISSED its £7.50 but that's another story!)

1st came face-pic (remember that), hi5, myspace, and now facebook (oi oi!) through all these sites it opens opportunities 2find old friends and make new one's but I wanna know how many of you have dated people from the internet?? (yeah i know some of you are laughing right now thinking about your internet link!!)

I don't care what site you found them on, but back in the day like 5-6 years ago (college times) people used to LAUGH if there friends told them "I met someone on the internet" it was seen as desperate and stupid "well I thought it was anyway and I know I weren't the only one!) but nowadays not sure when, the stigma has been removed and alot of ppl are doing it (can i get a witness?)
I personally don't have a problem with a little computer love (please know I ain't telling my family the truth about where I met you though lol) ladies back me up but I lie there are some FINE MEN on facebook (I'm talking you wanna rape them sideways kinda man , this is another topic!lol) you might see them in a tagged pic with your friends or through a facebook group (hint hint) etc etc and you add them as a friend (if your brave). Man dem you know you do the same as well, or ask whoever the mutual friend is about them (its been done to me, I'm not Cilla Black!)

Normally you talk to them through Facebook for a while, then move to MSN, get each other’s number and hook up (some of you fast track this process in like a week, EAGER!)
HOWEVER, be warned because people can look REAL nice in one of their pics (everyone puts the best pic on there profile pic) but they can looked FUCKED up in the next (it might have been a good day, and tools like airbrush and lighting are DANGEROUS), some people use other people's pictures (its political and identity theft!) and some are straight ass crazy (its spiritual and I'm talking split personality,over paronoid,smoking CRACK people), If you see in their pics that they don't smile very often with there mouth open, it might not just be the way they smile normally, it could be that they have some FUCKED UP TEETH!! (you know I ain't lying), if they take their pics from one side all the time it could because there COCK-EYED or got each eye looking in different directions, many people like to use pictures from back in the day (I’m talking years) when they were CRISS (6packs/tones stomachs and all sorts) and since then its all gone down the drain, they've put on weight, got acne/bad skin, started using crack, or lost their looks (it does happen).

These are just a few scenarios that could happen, and I'm just trying to help you lot out. Sometimes you need to think about these things really and truly. Remember a picture don't tell you everything you need to know about that person, yeahh he/she might be good looking but don't be fast and think there wifey/hubby material get to know them first.

So enjoy flirting, late night MSN and webcam convos (again another story), and if you don't like them, there not what they thought they were, there's always that beautiful BLOCK and DELETE button.


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