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Rules Of Engagement

Before I get all deep in my analysis (better grab a cuppa while you can) I'm going to paint the scene for you:

You're in a bar chilling with your friends having a gd time, a certain person catches your eye, you get on well blah blah blah & the end result is you exchange numbers. For the rest of the night you continue to enjoy yourself


You go the bar to get a drink and then you notice the SAME person that you were conversating with, taking someone else's number!! (don't laugh)

For us ladies its emotional because we feel slightly disrespected and you're thinking "didn't this boy chat me up 30mins ago?" (some people don't even wait that long!! their on a roll!) Now depending on how well you got on with that person and the depth of the conversation you had with them and mostly important the kinda of girl you are, it will determine how PISSED you are!!
Now you won't feel used like a £2 crack whore in Central London, but I'm sure that you will feel like that person has taken the piss (it's REAL emotional). You can do one of two things in this situation:

A) Turn around, take a swig of your drink and not be phased (its not THAT serious, its not like your even going out right??) and you carry on with your night you might even find a replacement!!

B) You could draw the person's attention onto you someway or another to show them that the hills have eyes (don't laugh)

Me being the girl I am (as you can imagine haha) would go for option B (yeh I like a lil drama every now and then SO WAT!) just to make myself feel better and let the boy know I ain't fooled (can I get a witness?) I just smile, take 2 2 sip from my drink, give them an unimpressed look and walk off (now if you've had a few drinks be careful before you walk into someone or slip and fracture your knee cap because that's a next level of embarrasment!) If you choose to go for option B 7/10 times they will try and come with an excuse as to what you "thought" you saw (for e.g. she/he is my friend I haven't seen in a while) or try to OVERDOSE you with their attention for the rest of the night so that you get comfortable with them again (its powers of persuasion BE CAREFUL)

Don't get me wrong, sometimes it could GENUINELY be there friend that they saw or a family member etc., so we shouldn't always think the worse, but at the same times don't be quick to assume that it's all innocent between him/her and that other person!
I wanna know is there certain "rules" when it comes to asking people for their number, and should there be a limit to how many people you're allowed to chat up in one night? Look at carnival for example, every boy is on a PUSSY PROWL (dats what me and my girls call it), chirpsing every girl they see ON SITE, same way girls are CRAVEN for man as well (when else are you gonna see this much ppl at one time? but THAT is another note lol)
I know sometimes being drunk/tipsy comes into play when you've had more than one person call you the next morning telling you that they took your number and you're baffed coz you can't even remember how da HELL you got home, let alone how you managed to take your clothes off to get in bed (tell me I'm lying) Hopefully this doesn't happen very often if it does you need to find your local Alcoholics Anonymous group (0845 769 7555 just trying to help its political don't laugh).

But getting back to the point, its even WORSE when the person is trying to chirps someone you KNOW or even worse one of ur family members (now THAT really is emotional,political, critical and spirtual!) This has happened to me before and it was hysterical (another new word lol) & come the end of it the boy ends up feeling shame one way or another! (don't get me wrong I ain't gonna flat out embarrass you or cause a scene lol).

In conclusion, life is to short, don't take it too serious, because at the end of the day its not YOU that's missing out on anything its them, remember you came out to have a good time, mingle with some people (i'm sure he/she wasn't the ONLY nice looking person in the whole bar although the ugly to pretty ratio is NOT BALANCED it's political) get your drink on (remember to take the AA number down for you alcohol abusers) and live your life!!!!


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