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This Is My Friend....

Anyway, this note came 2me whilst I was sitting in a bar (yeah I get random thoughts in my head so what) and I decided since you guys keep it real with me I could tell you this.


We all have a lot of friends, and all our friends are different, different races, different ages, different sizes, complexions, etc etc. And that's great because you wouldn't obviously want all your friends to be the SAME that would be boring.

BUT.... (this is a serious moment so read carefully) let's keep it real, we can't always choose our friends and we can't help who we get on with. But you know there is one or two (or many) that aren't exactly "blessed" in the good looks department (don't laugh, its emotional) but you don't care because its your friend, and your not phased about their looks because you get on well with them. Give yourself a round of applause because that shows that you're not shallow and are a true friend...

I KNOW (yes I'm gonna get emotional) that there are a GOOD amount of people (and no I'm not included in this population) that ABUSE this acknowledgment of their friends looks and take it to a next level.
I'm talking about these people that when there going out raving etc, they PURPOSELY invite their "ugly friend" because they know that it will slyly make them feel better about their appearance and looks (don't laugh, and if you are its because you've done it yourself, that's deep).

Or even worse when they go on "double dates" or there's opportunities where there's gonna be a small gathering of friends you holla at the people that you know/think are not as good looking as you because you don't wanna be out shined by someone else and feel like you're the "ugly friend", and you also invite some good looking ones so that you don't make yourself look to bait. (its political)

If you do these things then you are BAD MIND (don't laugh) it's not your friend's fault they look the way that they do, and how DARE you abuse their looks for your own personal gain!! That is SO shallow if you do these kinda things, and even WORSE its people like YOU (yes YOU) that when there "ugly friend" comes to there house to get ready or just to chill for a while you feed their head with false compliments i.e You look real nice today, ooo my days you make me feel like a tramp now I have to change.
What is wrong with you people??? It's not a competition out here!!

Some of you people have SERIOUS insecurity issues that you need to deal with BY YOURSELF, and if you have to use your friends in order to make you feel good about yourself then I hope that your friends soon realise this or better yet somebody uses YOU one day and then you'll know how it feels!!
Remember karma is a BITCH, so you might think that your "ugly friend" can't get no man/girl and on a sly there the one's that has the MOST gyal/man or better yet might even take YOUR woman/man (it has happened, don't laugh).

Looks aren't everything (yes there important but there not the be all and end all of a friendship/relationship), so your friend might not be pretty but they may have other attributes such as being funny, loyal, kind and that's the kinda of people that you should be privileged to have in your life, so STOP taking da piss!!! Because like I said it will be THEM having the last laugh when they take someone that you like. How does it feel? How does it feel? HOWowowowowowow does it feel?? (big funky tune, don't laugh)


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