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I've reached my boiling point when it comes 2this SHIT! (I know that some of you are smiling already) but please hear me out. I'm gonna tell you about my morning:

On Tuesday 2nd December @ 8.00AM I got on the 220 bus to Hammersmith to go to work, EVERYONE knows that its BLITZ outside. Their mothers and babies, school kids and workers on the bus.I'm sitting nicely in my seat thinking bout what VITC notes I'm gonna write when I hear:


Now I KNOW alot of people are ill and have flu, but I'm HEALTHY do not disturb my equilibrium because yours is all FUCKED UP!! Anyway back to my story, I'm still facing forward trying to remain calm and AGAIN I hear

*COUGH COUGH & the sound of someone spitting up phlegm*

This FUCKING man was coughing so much that I felt the impact of his cough on the back of my hat (don't laugh this is real emotional). By now this man has really got on my TIT. It's bad enough that you're coughing in my presence but you have a fucking cheek not to cover your mouth.


Don't take the piss and I know these people were brought up with manners, all it takes is you to cover your mouth with hand, stop being so IGNORANT and SELFISH!! For 21 years I've never had the flu and I want to keep it that way.

ANYWAY, still on my journey (lost myself 4a while) this man keeps coughing and spitting phlegm on the bus floor (by now I wanna throw up) and what does this FANNY FINGER do 2 top it all off?

HE FUCKING BURPS!!! & I'm talking LOUD.

That was game, set and match for me, I turned my head SO QUICKLY, and told him straight

" Cover your mouth man, you've been spreading your germs all over this bus since I got on, have some respect because you're ill don't mean EVERYONE else wants to be, cough on more fucking time without covering your mouth and I'll kick you clean down the stairs"

After this lil outburst, the man got up and sat clean at the front of the bus.

NO I don't feel bad 4him, he's a grown ass man,even people at the bus expressed their thanks 2me for finally saying something.

You know the icing on the cake? I came off the bus and throat felt a lil tickly, I was thinking in my head "God PLEASE tell me I don't have a cold" I went and got a hot drink and concluded that I was just a lil thirsty lol

People, I'm a singer I NEED MY VOICE and HEALTH, so if you find anyone doing the same thing around you MEK DEM 2 BLOODCLART KNOW!! coz you'll be pissed if your in bed the next day sick and you DUN KNOW I ain't coming to you either!


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