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Kisses & Bumflicks

Mr ALMOST Perfect

Hey this one is dedicated to the ladies, I'm gonna paint a scenario that ALOT of females have gone through (don't try and lie to yourself either).

OK here's the scenario:

You meet a guy, he approaches you the right way (with respect not oi you in the black or try DRAPES up your arm like he's beefing you and talk in your face with his hot radioactive breath), you go on a few dates, get to know each other, he's either in university and working, or he's working full time, pushing his own whip, doesn't smoke weed, has respect and is intelligent. Everything is real good with the pair of you, you get on really well,and then it comes to THAT night when your excited because you KNOW wot time is it that night,you've brought some new lingerie, everywhere is waxed or shaved or not (some guys like a bush lol), you've got the slow jam CD on LOCK!!, done your hair (even though you know its eventually gonna get FUCKED UP!), had a sexy shower or bath and are waiting for ur man!!!

Now he comes around 8-9pm don't wanna leave it over late because you've drank so much alcohol u could fall asleep,because b4 he's come you've had 1 2 2 glasses (or the whole bottle) of wine to yourself, so your already in the mood and feeling BANG on it wen he comes to meet you (even having visuals of what's gonna happen).

*** RING RING***

"yh babes, I'm outside your house come open the door"

you act all calm and collective walking to the door but u dun know your heart is PUMPING like a mofo, you open the door and he is looking FINE!! You just want to jump on him right there n then but u decide "nah I'm gonna keep it cool" he comes in gives u a kiss and once again you smell that SEXY aftershave that he wears (note to men Givenchy and Angel are FU*KING SEXY)

You ask him if he wants a drink and make a lil chit chat but eventually you end up in your bedroom (or wherever you choose 2 do it)

So you got the slow jams blazing HARD, you start kissing and touching and everything is going GOOD! You start undressing each other, the rooms getting mad heated, he's down to his boxers and socks (leave them on I'm NOT a foot person and I'm sure many others ain't) and your practically naked. He stops for a second to put a condom on (PROTECT YOURSELF MAN!!)

You're getting ready for take off, he starts warming up the engine, making his way down the runway, puts the engine on full blast but FAILS to take off properly and dies b4 he's reached the end of the runway.

Now you're PISSED because its NOT what u expected, he's failed you miserably, now some you cold hearted chicks would be VEX, get dressed and not talk to him for the rest of the night and just be vex even though for the rest of the night he keeps asking you "are your alright/ what's wrong" and you don't look at him and say "I'm fine/nothings wrong" and you just want him to get the FUCK out of your house and make some excuse for him to leave for e.g. "I'm tired/not feeling well/i have to be up early 2moro for work/university". Some of you can try give your man another chance (true say some man do get better on the second/third round right??) but it just DOESN'T make it at all and now you're more pissed than you was after the first round.

Now my question to your females is, if you had the perfect guy, he does everything right but doesn't please you in the bedroom , would you still stick with him, work with him and try to improve your sexual relationship, and think "it's not all about sex, there's other parts of our relationship that are great"


Would u be HEARTLESS and REAL and be like "babe, things ain't working out, its not you its me" and come up with some excuse to not make him paro all the while your bitching to your girlfriends about him and his sexual antics?

How many of you girls would b REAL and tell them straight "you ain't pleasing me in the bedroom" (which is DAMAGING to a man's ego PLEASE REMEMBER THAT! It's emotional, political and spiritual)

Ladies, to be honest back in the day I'm sure you would be heartless and lock him off, or keep him and holla at someone else behind his back (you're SCANDALOUS) but to be honest there never is a PERFECT man or woman, and there's no point having a relationship if you're not really willing to work at it whether it be your sex life that's the problem or anything else, because when YOU first started having sex you dun know your shit wasn't on point either it takes time, patience and practice, so don't always be quick to judge!!



What did I just say??