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Kisses & Bumflicks

What did I just say??

This one (surprise surprise) is just to make you guys laugh but I'm being real at the same time (YA DIGG!) but this is an emotional note because I know that everyone has gone through this if you haven't you are utterly P.I.S.S.E.D!!!!!

I want everyone to think of the wickedest slam that you experienced (i hope that its happened more than once!!), you know them ones when the male WUK OUT YOUR SIDE differently!! or when that female WINED PON IT N TALKED 2 YOU in a way she hasn't before!

These are wot a good friend of mine calls "good time, great memories" ;-) (you know who u are! lol)

But anyway, but to my point, think about that time what I wanna know is have you ever had experienced such a good wukkage, that not only do u start reaching for shit that ain't there, your eyes are rolling back that you look like an epileptic (no disrespect), but you actually lose all common sense for a split second and call out something random such as TUTUKAMEN, BETHLEHEM or better yet you shout out something that ain't even ENGLISH for instance "boombla!" (don't laugh because you know its true)

Now for some people, you notice immediately what you said coz you immediately look at your partner and are thinking "please tell me that you didn't click on to wot i just said" unfortunately sometimes they do and they look at you in the weirdest way and start BRUKKING out laughing or they give you that dutty smile that confirms that they know that you're enjoying yourself.

However, some don't notice till there head is out of the clouds (no pun intended) and have landed back on clear ground and then they think about what just happened you sit there pondering "did i just say what i think i did" and all the way home and the next day you're laughing at yourself.

It's perfectly normal if this has happened to you, every once in a while you do lose all sanity and common sense, you've been experiencing ultimate bliss and ecstasy when this has happen, shit you better enjoy them moments because they don't come VERY often (swear down!) don't have shame in your game. If you have been the person that has made someone speak in some next kind of language I applaud you, you dun know how to give the wickedest slam KEEP IT UP!!

Like I did with my twin sis P.Dot I DARE any of you guys when you're getting some noom noom aka B.C aka F.L (me n my friends have to many nicknames for sex ha ha) wen you're enjoying it shout out a RANDOM word that has NOTHING to do with sex e.g TUTUKAMEN, COCKAROCHA, ISRAEL, BETHLEHEM it is quite entertaining and funny!!


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