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Before you start thinking nasty (its political) I'm not talking about something sexual (for once lol)
I was talking to one of my girls, and because of her I'm more of a texter than a talker on the phone, to be honest I can't take pointless conversations, don't call me because your bored or because its the last day of your 5 day pass (its political and don't laugh)
Anyway, I'm a receptionist so I type really quickly, and the same goes for texting (guys don't think start thinking nasty) so sometimes I'm texting 3-4 people at the same time.
Have you ever sent a text to someone something that you wasn't supposed 2??? Especially when its a sexual one??
OOOOO its emotional, and you panic for a few seconds because once you press that send button you can't cancel what you've just written (its spiritual)

And the killer bit is waiting for a reply back, because you don't know WHAT they other person is thinking, especially if its someone that you really don't like in that way. You're trying to think of a way out of what you've just done. When they do reply back you either:
a) act like it was a practical joke
b) act like someone else was using your phone n send it 2 the person by accident
c) don't reply back to their text
d) be straight and tell them that it wasn't meant for them (which may I add is very embarrassing and soul crushing, don't laugh)

I used to act like its a prank, like I was trying to see what there response would be if I ever texted them something sexual, but I dun know that its a lie but better the devil they know (yh i said it)
I will tell you straight that it wasn't meant for you, because if you don't that person may start thinking that they've got a chance and it really ain't that kind of party, & the worse thing about texts is that the person can store it in there fone FOREVER!!! and there's nothing you can do about it, its emotional because they could use it as evidence against you in a court of law (don't laugh please)

I've learnt now to DOUBLE CHECK who I'm texting because it emotional going through this predicament and I know that I'm not the only one either.


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