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Kisses & Bumflicks

Excuse YOU Miss?

You're with your partner/booty call etc etc and things are getting heated, you've started kissing and hugging and getting touchy feely (its emotional) so it comes down to the nitty gritty, and you lie down on the bed (or WHEREVER you choose to do the damn thing) and you partner climbs on top, proceeds inside and then...

(Don't laugh this a very emotional situation) you look up at your partner in such disgust because you're thinking "did this boy really just break wind??" but then you realise that he's looking at YOU and about to start laughing because it wasn't him that broke wind it was you.

The feeling of EMBARASSMENT that overtakes your spirit is emotional (don't laugh) you don't know whether to laugh or to run away and never see this boy again for the rest of your life. By now there's dead silence and you're both looking at each other confused (please note, that this boy is probably still inside of you, don't laugh because you know its true) so he decides to give you another likkle wine, truesay you don't want it to ruin the whole night!!! (don't laugh)
So you try to put it to da back of your head,refocus and he proceeds again

Now your body is just taking da piss out of your life, and correct me if I'm wrong but why do these farts tend to be so DAMN LOUD, they've all got a DREAD bass to it like its a funky house song (don't laugh its very emotional) you can't even act like you didn't hear it, because it has a damn echo and surrounds da whole room.
I don't know the reasons behind these fanny farts but there very emotional when they occur (can I get a witness ladies) its sooo unladylike but its not anything that we can control so fellas can't really be mad at us, and there's not even a way of stopping it, you just have to carry on until all the air is out
(oh my days it makes us sounds like balloons kmt lol)

And I know that I am not the only female to have ever gone through this situation (DON'T LIE AND LEAVE ME HANGING!!) and men I'm sure you can recall a time wen this has happened to you with a female. I know for one if i was a male and this happened to me I would laugh my ASS off but there's nothing you can really do about the situation, you just have to let the wind pass (see the word play hahaha), just laugh about it and carry on!!! It's one of the situations you go through when you're doing the damn thing!!!


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