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Kisses & Bumflicks


This note is very very very EMOTIONAL for me to write at this precise moment in time but FU*K it I needed to vent out my anger.

It;s no news flash that we're living in a time of the "credit crunch" although to be honest is it REALLY affecting us lot that much? Like I wasn't struggling from day dot kmt (its political.)
But this isn't what I'm upset about...

Right now, the days are getting darker, and the wind is CUTTING my skin and I'm not impressed. So if you're single like me you know it's coming to that time of year when you miss having someone around to keep you warm (can I get a witness!)
Now you lot know I ain't a freak (don't laugh) but we're all human out here. Everyone knows that come winter time, if you're not in a relationship you're looking for that specific person that will able to keep you warm over the winter nights until we reach summer time again.

Now you know its them kinda times when :

a)All of a sudden all your ex links/gf/bfs wanna try send you texts or calls to "see how you are."
b)Alot of relationship tend to break up.
c)You find all your single friends want to go out raving more often.
d)You're actually willing to go out more than you usually would.
e)Guys wanna buy you drinks in a rave more than usual, girls are less stoosh in the rave.
f)Instead of playing a likkle 5 mins of slow jams (kkmmtttt which upset my soul) they've got a designated hour at da end of the rave for all the single people to mingle.
g)Your friends wanna try surprise you out of nowhere saying they've liked you for time (its political)

We're all grown folks out here everyone gets horny once in a while, but why is it in winter time your brain goes into OVERLOAD with them horny feelings?? Have you ever been so horny that you get a headache?(its emotional), and you get vex because you want to release your frustration (no pun intended!)?
Them ones wen you actually consider hollering at your ex even though you KNOW it ain't a good idea?? Or when girls start moving to guys like THEY'RE the man??, When everything reminds you of sex? You listen to slow jams every night and you can't hack them anymore and go to bed PISSED off? You have group convervations with your girlfriends or man dem to pent out your frustration?

Being fu*kstrated is not a nice experience especially at winter time!! You even start doubting yourself thinking "I ain't ugly, am I? What's going on?" . You know them ones when you worried about your own looks thinking that maybe you aren't as hot as you used to be?

Me personally, I've gone into raves and wen your waiting in the line freezing your tits off you're looking at the other people in the line trying to judge whether this is gonna be a interesting night or not, you get inside, get 1 2 2 drink and a few hours later, everyone is intoxicated and HORNY AS HELL, people aren't dancing anymore there fu*king with there clothes on, everyone's tryna find a little corner to hitch up in to take things further, or blatantly go outside with someone "to catch there breath, or talk without all the noise" saying that they will be right back. Some of my friends have blatantly told me if there link is coming to a rave and they go missing not to come looking for them (its emotional! but gangster!) and they come back with a dutty grin on there face and try not to mess there hair up too much (who wants to look bait!)

People, lets just keep it real with each other, there's nothing wrong wid getting a little winter loving, as long as you both know what the deal is and keep it real wid each other then there's no problem. Instead of spending all our money on MORE gas and electricity (credit crunch), its much cheaper to send 1 2 2 text to someone and meet up and keep each other warm (body heat is emotional!) Don't neglect your body people, it needs attention sometimes, before ur penis or catty (hold tight you know who for giving me that word ha ha) gets up one day and leaves your ass, you look down and be like "where da fu*k has it gone" and you see a note on the table talking about you and ur private parts have legally separated and pressing charges on you for unlawful neglect.


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