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Friends With Benefits

During your lifetime, alot of friends will come and go, its a natural part of human life. But every once in a while (or maybe too often with some of you craven people) you decide to move from being strictly platonic friends and moving to an intimate level.
Now I'm gonna keep it real (as always) most females decide to move to one of their friend or decide they like them because:

a)They've secretly liked that person for a while,but was never brave enough to tell them and didn't wanna ruin their friendship.

b)There male friend wasn't that nice/attractive before, but recently has been fixing up and looking like a nice looking man and someone they could be with!
c)Some of your own girl friends think that he's hot and have asked you to either hook them up with them or why you haven't been with them (have you got cataracts! they might say)
d)Your both lonely, you get on really well and think we might as well see how it goes
e)You've always secretly wanted to know if he can THROW DOWN in the bedroom .

Now, most men decide to move to their friends because :
a)They've secretly had a little attraction to that female

b)When she was young she didn't have batty and breasts and now she does
c)She's always been like "one of your man dem" until one time you guys go raving and you see her in THAT DRESS!! lol
d)It's better than the long process of meeting a girl, taking them out on a few dates, getting to know them, and then moving them up, at least with someone that's already your friend you don't need to do that process and they know you as well, so no need to for long conversations sometimes.
e)You wanna see if you can PUT HER ASS TO SLEEP!

Whichever reason the two of you decide to try a little somn' somn', that night (or day) can either be:
A)Not as good as you expected it to be and there's a lil weirdness afterwards and your thinking in your head "what the HELL was I thinking" (its EMOTIONAL wen your in that situation) you think of some mad excuse to either leave that persons house or get them out of yours (if there not driving you don't even walk them to the bus stop or give them a lil change for the cab that's deep but its the truth)
B)It could be the BANG BANG, you're both MASH UP and sweating afterwards but have a dirty grin on your faces because you know this is gonna be a regular occurrence, you finally know what your friend is like in bed, and your ass is gonna sleep like a BABY that night (snoring dribbling and all sorts!!)

What happens after that night can go many different ways some decide to be exclusive (some of your friends actually think that its about time), you keep the relationship as friend as benefits which suits both of you (only for a while though because it starts getting political and emotional), or you just enjoy the one night you had together and remain friends.

The problem with having friends with benefits is especially with females you begin to have serious feelings for that person, you try to act like everything is cool and you're not really bothered if your relationship stays that way that it is, but you KNOW if he starts telling you that he's seeing someone else or has a girlfriend you're gonna be PISSED because you're gonna b like "when did this happen/ why can't I be your girl/ he ain't ever getting a hit of this shit again" but you won't say that to him you'll gwan like its good and your "happy for him". Some chicks (alot of them) could be vindictive and be like "its nothing that he has a chick I'm STILL gonna gets my likkle piece" or some will act like its the end of the world, go home play slow jams and bawl themselves to sleep thinking about the good wukkage they used to get.

Having a friend with benefits can be a little bit of fun and a matter of convenience at first, but I think if it is done then it should only be temporary and people should REALLY think about the consequences of going into that type of relationship,because once you go there with that person you can never go back and don't fool yourself into thinking that it can, because like it says in Deliver Us From Eva (yeah I'm quoting from a love film WHAT?)

"once you give someone a piece of you, you can never get it back"
You both have to be mature when it comes to getting into that kind of relationship and even more when it comes to breaking that benefits off and giving the book back to the post office (lol) The best thing is to ALWAYS keep it real with each other and have respect for each other as well, don't treat that person like a piece of meat because before they were your lover they were your good friend so don't forget that.



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