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Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

Isn't it funny how when we get older our "age limit" seems to rise, I remember when I thought that me being with a 25yr old was pushing the boat but now I'm 21 it's not much a biggie! But I wanna know:


Alot of people like to assume that boys/girls younger than themselves are immature and that elders are a better match! Although I don't think that its necessarily true. Now before you think I'm a female R Kelly (its emotional) I have my limits when it comes to the youngers (who wants to go jail out here?) The youngest I've been wid was 18 turning 19 and I was 20 at the time. He was a little crazy (as am I lol) but he was very mature for his age and we had plenty of deep conversations. On the other hand 1 of my ex's were 27 and he turned out to be a BASTARD (don't laugh its the truth!)
I think regardless of their age, it depends on there personality and level of maturity. Now don't get fooled because ALOT of people THINK that there mature, but as soon as you do something or there's a situation that's out of their comfort zone they back out like a BITCH (holla if ya HEAR me)

Although I ain't gonna lie, it's really NOT about meeting your girl/man outside their college, that's really emotional (don't laugh) If you're not in uni than I can't deal with you I'm sorry. Imagine when I meet your family and I'm big hard back 21yrs of age, they'll be thinking "can't this girl get someone her own age" I don't wanna be helping you out with your A Level coursework (don't laugh because I know I am not the only one that was glad to leave secondary school and college). The same way that sometimes the elders can go on a bit TOO OLD and they they think that you don't know anything because your younger than them (that UPSETS my waters and my soul.)
So like I said before it depends on the person and be careful who you pick and don't assume you know everything about that person because of their age, don't be quick to judge!!!


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