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F'd Up Females

After a late night converstion with one of my boys and a SERIOUS thought about females on a whole, I've come to the conclusion that there are ALOT of fucked up females in this world.

Ladies i KNOW its hard on us and i'm representing the strong,good willed grown ass women out there (can I get a witness?)


There is a small (and continously) growing amount of females that are giving us a BAD look and FU*KING up the good men in this world?
These F.U.F's (fu*ked up females) can be decieving, they will FOOL you into thinking that they're mature,independant and on your level (this is the bait they use to lure you in). They will appear sweet,kind,affectionate and you get comfortable thinking that you've finally found your wifey (there good actresses trust!)


Little by little, when they've got you where they want, they start acting up, giving you mad attitude on the fone, not being as affectionate as they used to be, reduced calls and texts, too busy to see you,creating arguements with you for no reason and F.U.F's are always REAL close with their ex or a certain male friend.
By this point, the man doesn't know what's gone wrong, the girl is now a total BITCH and he done's everything in his power to try and work things out.


I'm not sayig that you can't be friends with your ex or have male friends but you know the level of contact you should have before it starts gettin dangerous and create a problem in your relationship.
By now, alot of man would be like "fu*k this" and lock the relationship off, but some don't and they stick around for a while for various different reasons, even if some FUF's fix up for a while they will eventually go back to there FUCKED UP SELF.

Eventually (hopefully) a man will have enough and finally tell the girl about herself. Ladies, if you have female friends like that please don't feel a way in telling them to fix up, the same goes for the man dem too. These FUFS are usually the reason why alot of guys nowadays are such BASTARDS towards females, are cold hearted, long, difficult, and don't trust females. They need to be targeted and made extinct before we have an epidemic on our hands.
Don't think that I'm not gonna get on the man dem coz they do some fu*ked up shit too, but ladies shouldn't be quick to always put the blame of man.


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