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I want you guys to recollect the days of GOOD customer service, when mobile companies used to APPRECIATE having you as a customers, when you didn't have camera phones and everyone ringtone was the "kick" ringtone on Nokia, if you were lucky enough to have a nokia in those times, because them days Siemens and Motorola were big in the game (don't laugh, that ringtone was BIG) and if you wanted to change your ringtone, you had to key it in yourself using the keypad (its was political and time consuming!)
There wasn't no Teef Mobile, there was good old One 2 One, the nice little dark blue chip in your phone (its emotional). I remember when I used to be in secondary school and One 2 One used to crash all the time and one person would run into the canteen screaming "yo free texts n calls on one2one they've crashed" and for that likkle half hour you would call and text WHOEVER was in your phone 2abuse the freeness from One 2 One, until you're call got cut off or you got that all to familiar text saying you didn't have enough credit to send a text. Bare in mind you wasn't supposed to have your phone in school, and for all the girls that had to wear school uniform, our skirts didn't have pockets so you know you had to put your phone in your bra or under your jumper somewhere (don't laugh). For the guys it was a bit easier because you could put it in your pockets hopefully you didn't have a brick fone!!

I got my first phone when I was 13 and it was some big ass Motorola brick phone (in fact it was more like a PILE of bricks), but I was HAPS because I was finally able to say I had a mobile phone, the phone was SO big I would put it in my purse for me to go out and I couldn't fit anything else in the bag (its political and don't laugh). The main reason I had the phone was so that my parents could call me and see where I was (I did dance and singing alot so I came home late, I wasn't no waste girl up and down on road don't get it twisted!). But obviously after a while every teenager had a mobile phone.

Do you remember when the Nokia 3310 first came out? Everyone went mad for that phone, you felt poor if you didn't have that phone, and then the infamous 8810 came out, the phone was the size of my palm and the buttons were near enough impossible to type with, and me with my short sighted eyes had to constantly squint to look at a number or send a text (its emotional don't laugh please). But getting back to the point, most of us where on pay as you go, and £10 credit would normally last you a week (good times), if you were on contract (which was very rare) you had the luxury of free weekend and home number phone calls.

After a while, One 2 One must have realised that they weren't making as much money as they wanted to, so they started to stop the free weekend and home phone privileges and little by little they turned into little teefing bastards!!
They were smart because they did this with a nice slow progression, so at first we wouldn't think that it was that bad but now it's to backside late and we wish we could go back to the old days. (its emotional)

It all went wrong from when One 2 One was taken over and re-branded as T-Mobile ( I call it Doomsday).
Firstly it started with not being to get the newest phones unless you were on contract, then the evolution of "mates rates" (which was good at first until they started putting up the prices for calling outside T-Mobile), then charging us backside 17.5% vat on top of your bill every month,and the infamous £5 5-day pass has now gone up to £7.50, and you watch before long that's going to eventually go up again to 10pound.

Let's break down this 5day pass for a second, firstly they made it an awkward price so that if you choose to top up with a voucher (which they don't like us doing that much) you have to put a whole backside £10 on your phone and your left with £2.50 extra credit, or for those that use there debit card (thank you Visa/Visa electron) you would do the smart thing and top up £8 from your card onto your phone. When the 5day pass was first introduced when it reached midnight on your 5th day you would still be able to talk until 4am-5am that day coz T-Mobile was a lil slow, BUT now come 11.59pm you better say goodbye quickly coz once that clock hits midnight you get locked off SWIFTLY (its emotional) And for those that only have one phone (when did it become normal to have 2-3 phones?) you get a 5day pass every week which in terms of money is actually like having a contract for the month.

Because of Teef-Mobile, people now have more than 1 phone, for all the different privileges you can get on other networks or other tariffs (but some of you people live dodgy lives, so you have "business" phones and personal numbers you know who you are). Do you know how emotional it is, to have two phones in my bag, that sometimes ring at the same time?? And for those annoying people that call me on one phone and don't get through so they call me on the other, and switch back and forth its ANNOYING I will call you back I do get the missed call text thank you.

In conclusion. Teef-Mobile has upset my soul and from Monday I have come to conclusion that I am terminating my contract with them and going onto 02 who seem much more better and worth my money. Oh yh, and ppl stop complaining when someone isn't T-Mobile anymore, if it hurts your pocket that much just send them 1 2 2 text it won't affect your life that much (its not that emotional).


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