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Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

For the LONGEST while I've contemplated as to whether to write this note but after a good few people asking me I've decided it has to be done.

I know a lot of you have read the title and thought that maybe I'm gonna start talking about the K.I.G funky track but me like many others have been caught up in this tune and been caught many a times bussing the skank in a rave (its VERY emotional).

But I'm talking about "giving head" (its too emotional)

I live with my mum, brother n sister so when I'm on the phone I can't be bait when I'm talking to my friends about sexual things (i lie?) so a few months back I decided to call oral sex "head, shoulders, knees and toes" so that my family were none the wiser (don't laugh)

Back in secondary school, it was imprinted in my brain that respectable girls don't give head,shoulders,knees and toes (HSKT for short) and only "skets" (that was the lingo bk then) did those things, boys got DISSED if they were a "bowcat" because they weren't ever supposed to perform oral sex on a female.
Over the years, Ive heard many reasons from both sexes as to why they don't do it. Some of them have been quite funny especially from the guys who say "its against my religion to give head to a female" but these are the SAME guys that don't step a toenail into church (its spiritual)
Furthermore I've learnt that the ones that hype the MOST about oral sex and why they would never do it, are the ones that perform oral sex the MOST behind closed doors (can i get a witness) I'm talking they deserve a 1st in the degree of Oral Sex, (shit some of you lot could become lecturers and professors in this field)
Nowadays, the hype around HSKT is just unnecessary and stupid. What you choose to do in the privacy of your bedroom is YOUR business!! If you're a man/woman and you perform HSKT to your partner then DON'T feel shame, you're a grown ass person dawwgg, and as long as you ain't getting no complaints gwan with your business!


If you're one of them ppl that give HSKT to EVERYONE and ANYONE then you don't get no respect from me. HSKT is a intimate act 2the person that you're in love with or have serious (n i mean SERIOUS) feelings for. It is NOT a standard procedure to should be done to anyone (don't EVER get it twisted) if you're one of them RAW people that just do it for the sake of it, you need to move yourself from me.
And fellas STOP FRONTING because a lot of you like to go on like you don't or that your not interested and I know that you're lying to yourself. Because on a sly some of you like to (8) Lick lick lick lick lick her like a yogurt top (8) (yh i used Lil Wayne, he's a prime example!!) the same goes for you girls don't try and go on all stush like you're too good to give HSKT because some of you girls have vacuums as mouths when you're doing your thing (don't laugh)
I'm not saying 2tell everyone your business because that's emotional but don't go on like your anti oral sex and don't respect people that do it, when you've been on your knees plenty of times.
Some ppl keep it real and say "I haven't done it yet, and i won't until I'm married" at least you're being real with me and I respect that.
And for those that like to lie and think that ppl don't know (WE DO!!) there will be that 1 person that you "trust" and will lay all your shit bare (its very emotional for your spirit)

And stop this double standard shit, if there's nothing wrong wid a guy receiving head that there's nothing wrong wid a girl receiving it 2, it ain't 1 rule of you and a next for someone else (its political and its called equal rights, don't laugh)



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