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Loneliness Is BLIND

I know that most of you are used to hearing the phrase "love is blind" which is very true, because we all know that love can make you do some CRAZY things (its VERY emotional)

But I'm not talking about love, I'm talking about its opposite a thing called


and how this can make you do some FUCKED up things (its political trust me)

I'm gonna tell you about another little experience of mine (don't laugh yet,because I know you lot think that my life is a JOKE, don't smile either!)
I remember back in the day, when I was single & one guy randomly stopped me when I was walking and ended up taking my number (why didn't I just carry on walking? kmt but that's not the joke) Anyway, after some time, me & this guy were talking on a regular basis, met up like twice but after a while it kinda fizzled out and I didn't speak 2him anymore (it really WASN'T emotional)
Where my problem WAS (don't laugh) with this person , was like 2-3 years after the last time I saw this boy, I remember I was out with my girls and I admit we sometimes cuss strangers walking past just for entertainment purposes and I KNOW plenty of people do it (DON'T MAKE ME NAME N SHAME YOU!)

Anyway, these group of guys were walking past and they got our attention for the WRONG reasons. I don't like to say this, but people they were UGLY and I mean they weren't hit with an ugly stick they were BATTERED to a pulp with it (its emotional, don't laugh at other people's misfortunes), you know them ones when you're not even sure that there human? (don't laugh).
My girls were particularly cussing this one particular guy & I'm not gonna lie I was RIPPING him the most. Until I saw this boy look at me and smile (it's emotional), in my head I'm thinking "why is this Klingon smiling at me?" and then he walked over 2 us (its political) and smiled and said ..

"Delia-Rene you cool? ain't seen you in time"

Now at 1st I was BAFFED because
a) this boy knows my name &
b) he thinks that we're friends.

Bare in mind, my girls have gone DEAD QUIET because there just as interested as me to know who this boy is. So me being polite , but keeping it real (as you know I do) I told him " I'm sorry I don't remember you, where do I know you from?"
This boy took a step back like he's surprised (its emotional, because you know that action usually mean that he's gonna make an announcement) & he says

" What? Do you suffer from memory loss? We used to link back in the day"


With this one statement, it shattered my equilibrium & upset my waters, by now my girls are laughing and looking at me for a response (its political, like I'm Barack Obama) in my brain I'm trying to recollect whether what he said is true, I was on the verge of thinking "nah he's lying" until a FLASHBACK came into my head from when I first met him (yes I had a Dory from Finding Nemo moment) and without thinking I said out loud...

" Was I THAT lonely?"

Now, I didn't MEAN to say this out loud, I'm not bad mind I was thinking it in my head (which is bad enough) but it just slipped out and you know I couldn't even try and justify what I said. To make it worse one of my friends have CLEANED dropped on the floor crying tears of laughter, nearly causing her ass 2have an asthma attack (its a lot)

I felt SO BAD and I tried to apologise and act like I was joking (its political) but this boy wasn't fooled and told me to "fuck off" which in this one instance I accepted and he walked off.
Now, you get why I said "loneliness is blind" because i temporarily gave me CATARACTS & BLURRED VISION (after I'm already short sighted, its emotional) Before, you think I'm some vain & heartless bitch i REALLY ain't (don't laugh I'm being serious) looks ain't everything but SHIT they are SOMETHING and I know alot of people say "its not about looks its the personality" but I can't even use that excuse because I don't remember his personality (that's spiritual).
So when you're all done laughing at my life (AGAIN) learn from my mistake and don't let loneliness fool you like it did me!!

Because try know I REALLY should have gone Specsavers (don't laugh please)


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