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Private Numbers

First it was 081 & 071 numbers, then 0181/0171, and now 0207/0208 (how times have changed) in the mobile phone world I remember 0958 numbers and when T Mobile was One 2 One and you used to get free weekends and home phone calls (the good old days) I'm not exactly sure WHEN it was created but the evolution of "141" came about.

Those 3 magical numbers allowed people to restrict their number,when calling someone else. At first it was used occasionally as a joke for people that had to much time (& credit) on their hands but now these 3 numbers are ABUSED!! (its emotional)
Bk in the day, I used to answer private numbers because the majority of the time it would be my workplace calling me or my mother calling me from work (its emotional), but NOW everyone and there dog wants to call me on private number.
I know there's a few occasions (credit crunch) when people don't have credit so they used there friends briefly and call me, although sending a text I think makes more sense. But I hate when people CONSTANTLY call me on private number and act like I'm supposed to know who they are.

No, I don't know who you are by just the sound of your voice, do you think I've got time to sit there and recollect how everyone sounds on the phone, and don't you hate when they get pissed off when you don't know who they are "you know who I am man, you don't recognise my voice nah?"
WHY DA FUCK SHOULD I? (don't laugh, because you know this has happened to you guys as well).

I have a life, there a few small amount of people's voices and accents that I do recognise, but I'm sure you guys have a lot of friends, we're not physic so don't call me and act like I'm SUPPOSED to know (its emotional). Even worse I hate when they call you and I ask "who is this" and they say "its Dwayne/ it's J" I dunno if your up with the times but names like Dwayne/Richard/James/Daniel are VERY popular names and shortening your name down to one letter don't help me out either. (its political and emotional) & the majority of the times, people that call you on private numbers, just call you to chat SHIT or have the same repetitive conversation which usually goes:

Private no: Hello?
Delia-Rene: Who's this?
Private no: What do you mean who's this? Don't you recognise my voice? How much people do you talk to for you to forget me.
Delia-Rene: Well if you called me on YOUR number I would know who you are, you still ain't answered my question.
Private no: Seen its like that yeah? Its Darryl.
Delia-Rene: Darryl from where?
Private no: ooh my day's your mocking me...
Delia-Rene: I really ain't I know two people called Darryl.
Private no: Darryl from Bush man.
Delia-Rene: OK...
Private no: You're a joker (Why does every1 call me this btw?) wa gwan, hold tight you talking to bare man yh.
Delia-Rene: I never told you that...

The conversation then progresses 2 the same old questions:

"How you doing? What have you been on? How come you don't call me? When we gonna meet up?" (don't laugh please.)

So now, I don't answer private numbers because I can't be asked with the same old headache. If you don't want certain people having your number, then be careful who you give your number out to it's that simple. I know some people when they realise that too many people have their number they simply change it (nowadays a chip cost you about £3 from your local corner shop, don't laugh), then people wonder why I don't call them because half the time I don't know that its YOU calling me! (its spiritual!) People, please refrain from being a compulsive private number caller, because it does upset my spirit!


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