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Just Because I'm Nice?


You know when you’re bored and I mean REAL bored of hearing the same thing over and over and over again, like a broken record or even worse a JLS album?

You guys know that I like to rant and this has been getting on my womb and fallopian tubes for the longest while, and I want to be able to have kids so let me just vent to all my listeners!


I was raised by predominately the females in my family (you know how St. Lucian families are very close). I admit I was spoilt as a child, that’s because I was a child genius and now I’m a certified BAD ASS, but I was always taught to be kind and respectful to other people (plus it’s in the bible, love thy neighbour I don’t quite know scripture yet!) but right now FU*K a neighbour, I feel like evicting half of you people out of my life!

For me, even though a lot of people make the WRONG assumptions about my name and my blog, I don’t wake up angry (well, not on a regular basis) so most of the time when someone meets me I’m just a barrel of laughs!


When it comes to relationships if I hear this sentence ONE MORE TIME I’m going to start hammering kneecaps and elbows! The conversation usually goes like this:

Boy: You know I’ve been thinking about you and like our whole situation….

Me: OK…

Boy: You know you’re actually a nice girl…

Me: Thanks

Boy: Yeah… that’s what I’m saying you’re a nice girl and I know I said I don’t want a girl that’s going to bring me drama and I’m looking for a nice girl I just don’t want to hurt you so…..

You know how the conversation goes from THERE, this conversation brings me RAGE in my neck because it’s a bag of BULLSHIT!

People always complain that they want a nice girl/guy to settle down with and then WHEN they get one they still want to complain you SIMPLE BITCH (this term can be used on both males and females may I just add) .

Don’t get me wrong when the time calls for it I can be a total BITCH and have NO problem locking people off, once my blood pressure reaches my neck and you’ve upset my womb its GAME OVER, no extra life, the game is DONE!

You guys already know how I feel about hammering kneecaps, but when a guy says this to me I feel like shooting them at close range with a CANNON, straight decapitation of your head, because you obviously have no sense therefore any need to have a brain.

Seriously (the topic is getting to me) its true when they say that “Nice Girls/Guys finish last” because there’s too many DICKHEADS in the race!

I was speaking to my boy Sabian about and he advised me that, the race shouldn’t be a sprint and sometimes finishing last is an advantage because from hindsight you get to see that those kinds of people are not compactible or ready for you. In honesty, I agree sometimes this allows you to see some people for the fulltime dickheads and part time pricks that they are, and you thank the heavens that you didn’t waste any time or emotions on them.


That doesn’t mean that its easier for nice people like myself. I really don’t understand what the hell you want me to do!

I’m sorry that I don’t call you “bruv” and ask you for money to get my nails done/clothes etc.

I’m sorry that I actually have career and life aspirations and want someone that is on the SAME level as me.

I’m sorry that I haven’t fu*ked HALF your man dem.

I’m sorry that I like to treat a man they way he deserves (next time your backside is hungry GO to the SHOP!)

I’m sorry that I’m not an insecure female, belling, texting and BBING every second of the day, checking your facebook and twitter because I have a LIFE and I like my space just as much as anyone else!

You people are really making my nipples go in (and don’t laugh) because it’s like a vicious circle, to those that have seen “Just Wright” I felt like suing the director because you see Queen Latifah’s character that is ME to a TEE! I’m the kind of girl that likes to watch football (and I know what the offside rule is don’t mock me) and buss joke and do different things with my partner but NO… these fanny fingers want to act like a PUNK, if I had a di*k I would slap you right in the middle of your forehead with it I swear down!

But do you know what, it’s all good! I’m refuse to change ME for the sake of other clowns around me, if that was the case then I wouldn’t be the strong minded, hilarious, 100% female that I am. I have every confidence that the right person is out there for me. If you find that someone is telling you this, don’t even get upset because that shows that they are not emotionally or mentally on the same level as yourself and WHY would you even want a partner like that?


All my nice women and gentlemen out there, Miss Vexy feels your pain, but you just have to remain EXTREMELY patient and pray that all these dickheads catch mad cow disease.

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