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Have We No Gentle-Men?

Whilst sitting in my bed watching "Just Wright", I find myself drawn to both the main characters of Queen Latifah and Common. (Its emotional)

Not that I got gassed off the storyline (ok maybe slightly I'm a romantic sue me betch), because to be honest it was a tad predictable,however the film did raise an important question:


I poised this question on Twitter, & it seems that
a) I'm not the only person that feels like this
b) there seems to be a debate of who to blame for it.

Now before I start may I just say that this blog will be a deep one, this is my Oprah moment & if you don't like it, KISS MY ASS so what!

The problem with society nowadays,is that people have become to damn complacent and comfortable, especially when it comes to self-improvement & relationships.
Some people think that its OK to be a 30 year old man,living at home with your parents,not working and on JSA,not "ready for a relationship" yet have 3 kids with 3 babymothers,buying designer gear from Wembley Market talking about there "hustling"........really????
And the sad thing about it,is that there's about a MILLION idiotic fool fool gyal that aspire to be with men like this because he seems like he's got money & is a "bait-face".

I'm sorry,call me stupid but my womb really can't be with such a man, yes I admit I was young and very stupid & went out with your stereotypical "bad boy" that was the local shotter,changing there whip and phone number every week using money as toilet paper,yeah that may sound nice at 18 years of age but I quickly learnt that lifestyle brought me a lot of stress,paranoia and headache NO THANKS! My last name isn't Soprano!

But the question remains is there someone to blame for the quality of men nowadays?

There is the traditional saying (don't quote me) that women are the rulers of the world (woop woop). Don't let anyone brainwash you into thinking any different, yeah men are great but there NOTHING let me repeat that NOTHING without us females (and I dare any of you Vexers to tell me different!) Now before you Vexettes get British Gassed all smiling at the screen don't think that this let's you off the hook.

If it wasn't for us females settling for such quadruple wastemen in the FIRST PLACE then these men wouldn't be allowed to get away with as much as they do. Men will only get away with as much as you allow them to (some of you females need 2sit and ponder on that last sentence). In the beginning of a relationship it is all about learning & respecting about each other boundaries, what your partner likes/dislikes & learning about their personality etc etc. Once a man knows your limits he knows what to do to impress and anger you its that simple,and believe me he will use that to HIS advantage.

Why would a man feel the need to change if he's got you being the way he is?

He was a waste when you got with him,no ambition,taking you Nando's as a TREAT (sucks to be you) and then all of a sudden you want him to change into a multi-million business man that treats you to everything you want,ready 2settle down & marry your ignorant ass. Don't complain because no one told you to settle for him in the first place!
You wanna say to your girlfriends (because you DUN know you are not going to say it to him,u bitch ass) "I don't know why he doesn't treat me like the way I deserve to,& I do everything for him...maybe one day he'll change"
NO you SIMPLE BITCH he won't, 2 years down the line your babymother number 8 and he's telling you "babe I don't think its working out" and do you what I'll do I'll LAUGH at you in your face (I will) because you weren't stupid enough to leave him in the first place!

However, its not completely females fault, yes we do have responsibility in this dilemma, however you can NEVER change a man unless he wants to change.

Can I just remind you men that I'm your woman and not your MOTHER, you never came out my womb, therefore I'm not here to baby you! Get off my nipple....seriously! (There isn't even any milk in them....yet)
It shouldn't take someone else especially your woman for you to fix up...I'm sorry but are you not a grown ass man?
Irrespective of gender, have people never heard of the words SELF-IMPROVEMENT? As you grow older you are supposed to grow wiser (please note I said SUPPOSED for a reason).

You can NOT be satisfied knowing that you are in the same position in life that you was 5 years ago. You are supposed to be the man in the relationship yet you would think your the one with a womb? You men were born and raised (mostly single handedly) by a WOMAN yet so many of you lack respect for females,tell me how that makes sense?
Don't even get me started on you OVER sensitive man in the world. I'm not saying that your not supposed to be in touch with your emotions I'm all for that,but why am I the one hugging YOU as your crying??? Is this life?

It doesn't take much to be decent to someone,especially when they haven't done anything to you for them not to deserve it! Stop trying to use your "ex" as an excuse for you being a prick! Get OVER the simple bitch and move on (ohh the rage is in my neck). How hard is it to open a door,pull out a chair and treat a woman with the respect and make her feel special??

Yes, I agree not all women deserve such treatment because too be frank some of you females need to be sterilised for the stupidity levels you possess. But the fact remains, you won't get a good woman unless your a good man.

Overall ladies and gents, good men and women do exist! It may be a fact of we are looking in the wrong places or just we have to be patient and wait for them to come along, but when they do enjoy it! I know that I WILL!

Ya digg??


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