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Can you keep a secret?

Hey everyone!

Firstly I wanted to start this blog off by saying a heartfelt THANKYOU to everyone that has read my blog, passed it on to someone or supported my events and my writing debut in Venus vs Mars online series. Word's can not express how much I appreciate it and I can't believe that this year I will be celebrating
FIVE yes FIVE amazing blessed years of Vex In The City.

Who would know that I had THAT much rage in me huh?  lol I'm playing but it's because off all the support in the UK and internationally that I've been able to celebrate such an amazing landmark especially in this day and age when everyone and a goat has a blog, so thankyou thankyou THANKYOU! Everything I write comes from the heart and I just love what I do and hope that I've given you plenty of laughs and realness over the years.
I need to do something BIG in November to celebrate this milestone something that involves PLENTY of liquor (no I'm not an alcoholic), music and just good vibes but I'll keep you posted!

I wanted to write this blog after I grazed on the subject on Twitter the other day (and if you're not following me on Twitter by now SHAME ON YOU yeah I said it!).
Whilst trying to stay awake watching Beyonce's DULL documentary which to be honest was mostly concert footage, I remembered her interview with Oprah & the fact that she kept her relationship with her husband a secret for so long.

In this day and age where people are blazing ALL their personal business, meals, monthly cycles, clothes and emotions on Twitter, FB, Instagram , Keek the list goes on, if I was placed in the same situation as Beyonce I would have done the same thing!

The thing is when it comes to being in a relationship especially in the early stages when your dating,courting or some of you fast forward and get to fu*king! (I'm not judging you) But whatever you choose to do the first few months is about you getting to know the person and work upon building a foundation in the hope that it will become a serious relationship.
I understand when you found someone you really like, you're all excited, bussing dance moves in your bedroom and smiling like you're endorsed by Colgate because your happy and you want to tell the world, but the trouble is when you tell people TOO SOON!

You don't want to end up telling all you're friends about Shaun (first name that came in my head sorry) and then a few weeks later you're friends like "oh how's things with you and Shaun" and because you're still bitter you're like "fu*k a Shaun that boy weren't serious" and you start going off on one and blaming HIM because you feel stupid for telling so many people about him so early. The more people you tell the more you have to repeat the SAME ASS STORY about it not working out and guess who's continously raged? YOU! It will have you not wanting to date another name with a name that sounds remotely like Shaun again!
Meanwhile Shaun doesn't have the same rage as you because he kept his mouth shut, yeah he might have told people that he's seeing someone and told them a little (noticed I said little) about you but they don't know your name and how your relationship is going? Why? Because Shaun know's that IT'S NOT THEIR BUSINESS
So what Vexy you saying that I should be a man's secret? Am I not worth more?  NO calm down! I never said that at all there's a huge difference between
"keeping things secret and BEING a secret"
I'll let that fester in your minds for a while, most people with sense will understand what I mean although basic bit*hes take a while longer to comprehend (it's all good).
If you tell everyone all your business what do you keep sacred for yourself? NOTHING that's what (yes I answered my own question sue me!)
When you're in a relationship would you feel comfortable in knowing that your partner tells everyone what happens in your relationship? That they can't confide in you? That you don't have your own opinion but have to seek others? You get where I'm going here some might think but what has that got to do with keeping your relationship quiet? Quite alot Vexy know's !
If and when your relationship becomes official the right man/woman will have no problem letting other's know you are their partner (I stress the word "right" as much as possible here!) just make sure that what you have with someone is REAL first (this is another blog in itself) When this happens yeah you can tell little AND I MEAN LITTLE information about your relationship, including the cute "how you met each other" which is something everyone wants to know like they expect to hear something extraordinary like he fell into my lap whilst sitting on the bus after a long day at work, do I look like a character out of Disney?
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