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Friendship or Jump ship!

Hey everybody!

I know you've missed me ... DON'T LIE! & if you haven't I'm going to spartan kick you in the chest!
I've just come back from a lovely city break to Rome! Which is beau-ti-ful and romantical (yes I wrote romantical that's what I say kiss my ass so what!)
I love going on holiday because it allows me to see God's creations which always take my breath away and appreciate my life and the world we live in!

I know you guys are expecting me to start with some drama, anger, bad experience that has happened to me so that I can release my anger and rant (you guys love me raged) but I can honestly say that I am happy.

Yes you read correctly Miss Vex In The City is infact HAPPY in the city.

That doesn't mean I'm like Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz merrily skipping down these grey bricked roads of London, hell no! But at the end of last year I decided that I had to let alot of people and bad things go because at the end of the day it was affecting me more than I should have let it.

The thing is there are some people that are not happy with their life, and it could be for various reasons, their work, their family, their relationships, their insecurites the list goes on but you get the idea so the only satisfaction that they have in life is to make someone as MISERABLE as them, ain't nobody got time for that.

How are you going to be mad at me when I haven't done anything to you or because I'm living my life? Are you sniffing skittles?
TRUE friends will never make you feel bad that you're working hard on your career or you're go quiet for a little while.

There are a few (and I mean few) friends that I can talk to everyday.. I don't know why but my day doesn't seem right if I don't annoy them a little, cuss them (as a joke) or see what they are up to. There will be times when we'll both be extremely busy or go through things so I can't speak to them but that doesn't mean that we are no longer friends.
Better yet, there are people that I don't speak to for a while but when we do speak it's like I was with the bighead yesterday sometimes I have to check myself like "it's been THAT long since I've seen you bi*ch you lying!!!!"

Although unfortunately some people don't understand that you have a life, let me repeat that for the simple bi*ch in the back that wasn't listening YOU HAVE A LIFE!
Yes you are my friend, and I value our friendship but damn let a girl BREATHE!
I have very little patience, I'm working on it sue me, but if you annoy me the easist thing for me to do is ignore you because I'm trying to keep my CRB clean, which trust me in this day and age of simple bit*ches and idiotic humans is VERY HARD TO DO!

If I am not the reason for you being unhappy then don't take it out on me point blank period, I am not Jeremy Kyle, Oprah, Ricki Lake don't rage me.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that sometimes you need to call your friends to vent, get advice, catch up yes that's what a friend is for.
But some people are just negative and angry at their existence like they came out of my womb last time I checked I don't have any children YET.
That's why sometimes when I see or hear friends raging away I want to ask them "WHAT ARE YOU REALLY MAD AT BOO?"
You're there bursting a vein in your neck and giving yourself high blood pressure for what exactly? Because I'm all the way confused right now.

Sometimes I find that some of my friends won't understand my work ethic because they don't live the career and life that I do and vice versa but that's what's friendship is about understanding your similarities as well as your differences but being there for each other regardless. As long as you remain loyal, support and honest with each other what's the problem? WHAT! I mean seriously WHAT!

Ain't nobody got time for that I sure as hell don't!
Sometimes you have to give your friends space not because they've done anything bad but they need to get their life... yeah I said it ... GET YOUR LIFE!

At the end of the day it's primarily down to YOU what you choose to do with your life, I wish the best for my friends, family and all my Vexers and Vexettes and if there's something you are not happy about it then change it.

Let's SING together! "keep smiling, keep trying , knowing you can always count on me..for sure that's what Vexy's foooorrrrrr"

Just to let you know I am doing my first official Tweet Meet Events which are interactive social events with a twist, the primary aim is to organise strictly exclusive, professional and fun events for people in London to have fun and meet new people, check out below for all the details! Hope to see you there!

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