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Kisses & Bumflicks

Sweet Dream or Drunken Nightmare?

Howdy my Vexers & Vexettes!

Those in the UK I hope that you're enjoying this weather (which has been a MYTH so far) and the Bank Holiday as well! Luckily for me I work in a school so I have the whole week off! (bumflicks in my living room!)

Anyway I wanted to share something that happened with me recently with you guys because I've accepted that God creates certain situation and men in my life for good writing content!

Last night I had a little something to drink (Southern Comfort and Coca Cola to be exact) which for a lightweight like me is NOT a good idea, I wasn't drunk...but I was nice! Anywho I went to bed and an ex of mine creeped into my dream.

As you guys know I NEVER name names on my blogs thats ratchet! I ain't got for that but this particular Sexyface was someone I met years back when I was part of a streetdance group, and ladies when I tell you he is FOINE with the extra vowel in it! He WAS! That "o" represents how many times I forgot to breathe when I saw him. Anyway I was seeing that long tall glass of cardiac arrest for a bit, but when I got to university we lost contact, & even though I still speak to our mutual friends it's just not one of those things where I bring him up in conversation because you know they always do that "ooohhh I remember you and (insert name)" and make some type of joke like my love life is some comedy!

Back to the point, I ended up dreaming about it, know before you start thinking "that's a sign you want some loving" I can assure it's not, because the dream was sexual in that sense BUT it was SEXY.
Ok let me break it down, in my dream we was at a party and we saw each other and we were talking but only was he looking scrumptous it was that reconnecting that I think raised my heartbeat.

Now I know this isn't no Tyler Perry film he wasn't seducing me with futuristic plans and confessing his undenying love for me I wasn't THAT drunk but you know when you haven't seen someone in a while and then you realise what you liked about them and more importantly how good your friendship was? and yes obviously you remember how good they kiss, when they would seductively take their top off... ok I'm going off subject but you all get the damn idea.

I woke up at this point before it started going down some 50 Shades of Vexy route but it left me wondering. I'm sure maybe one day I may see Sexyface again, it's been a good few years and I'm not saying I would want to jump his bones like a Koala on a tree but it would be cool just to catch up and see what he's been doing (not literally).

Sometimes our unconcious brings back up inhibitions, past loves,fantasies but the key is too remember that its JUST A DREAM! Don't be taking it as some sign that you should holla at him/her and rekindle something are you sniffing skittles!? Because we ALL know if someone called us saying "I had a dream about you" we'd be a little apprehensive and we all know 9 times out of 10 it is sexual, yes it is, don't lie to yourself, you weren't dreaming you saw me buying beans in no damn supermarket let's be real.

SO the moral of this blog is... I think Southern Comfort is called that because it tries to comfort your southern areas (yeah I said THAT) so beware when you know you're swaying leave it alone before you wake up in some hot ass sweat or even worse with someone in your bed!

Kisses and Bumflicks

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