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Your man got your tongue?

Fresh from watching Ratchet  Love and Hiphop Atlanta which by the way had me shaking my head more than Tina Turner on stage because the levels of disrespect I just witnessed in 42 minutes just astounded me!

Not going too deep into the current episode as I've tweeted about it enough as I was watching it (can't help that) BUT one thing that really irked me more than Momma Dee was MIMI!

Like.... Mimi ... REALLY!!!??

When we first was introduced to her she was a straight door mat to the whole Stebbie and Josaline situation, your man got pregnant by her whilst walking around with the test in his pocket like it was his second phone but anyway cutting that lonnngggg ratchet love triangle short she now has a new man but is still hella angry!

Firstly, I don't like to call people ugly but Mimi's face is TENSE when looking at her you can see she's had a hard life yo...take that whatever way you want but what really raged me was that recently she's been giving attitude to all her friends but yet when it came to the person she should have given the most attidude to Splinter...I mean Stebbie she was MUTE! ( yeah  I said THAT) Hell Josaline goes harder on Stebbie than Mimi does you would have thought she's the one that's been with him all those years and Mimi was the side chick yo!

Which reminded me soooo many times of when I've seen females giving it the big talk to their friends about what their man is doing wrong and what he needs to do, however when the opportunity arises for your to address such issues the betch has amnesia.

And these females will talk your EAR off about their situation, you've offered them advice like your name is Oprah and they give you the presidential speech about what they're GOING to do but don't follow through and then want to give a million excuses as to why they didn't #ExitStageRight better yet #FaceTheWall and the conversation usually goes:

You: Hey girl what's up?
Mimi-mimic: *sigh* hey
You: Woah... what's wrong? (in your head you already know & rolling your eyes)
Mimi-mimic: Nothing man, don't really want to talk about it.
You: Ok...
Mimi-mimic: Ok fine it's Dean, he's just not stepping up and doing what he's supposed to and treating me right, he doesn't phone or text me, we don't go out, he's always got some excuse why he can't see me and I'm sure he's cheating on me too, I cry myself to sleep, all these girls are liking his Instagram pics....
You: So have you spoken to him about it?
Mimi-mimic: I've tried to but he don't listen...
You: Ok, what exactly do you say to him?
Mimi- mimic: Argh... I can't remember word for word betch, but I know he know's man, he's just being a fuc*ing selfish prick and he doesn't care about me & you know all those thirsty bitches on Instagram want him too, I'm not having it anymore I swear!
You: Well if you're that unhappy about it babe, then you either need to tell him straight up and see if you can work through it or lock him off.
Mimi-mimic : So that's your solution yeah? Lock him off? You don't understand I love him I want to be with him...
You: Why you getting mad at me? I didn't just say lock him off I said talk to him, he's not going to know how you feel unless you tell him, it's all good you telling me but I'm not the one your going out with.
Mimi-mimic: But you're supposed to be my girl and have my back so why wouldn't I tell you!
You: Look... at the end of the day you need to say something to him that's all I'm saying.
Mimi-mimic: Watch when I see him next I'm going to tell his ass straight up otherwise I'm done!
You: Ok...
Mimi-mimic: Yeah... I'm serious watch me... I'm done!

A few days past you call to check up on this betch and she's acting like that whole conversation never even happened, because the truth of the situation is Dean came by and got him some vagine!
Some females are so defensive when you approach them with what you see from the outside looking in on their relationship and instead of admitting that there's some truth to what you're saying they're defensive as a mofo!

They need to step back and get their life because they're giving attitude to the wrong person! I'm not a fan of this displaced anger some women like to do YOUR PROBLEM ISN'T WITH ME last time I checked I don't have no penis and I'm sure as hell not giving it to you. You want to scream and shout about your shoulda, woulda, couldas YET when your man is there you're quiet like a housemaid?

And don't use love as an excuse either because you should love and respect yourself more than that than to allow that situation to continue to happen ,unless your in a situation or place where that conversation isn't ideal i.e. a family gathering or church then I understand but please believe once we've left that situation I'm going to tell you what's really been raging me, it will pour out of me like I'm speaking tongues!

I've seen too many women suffer in silence because they're afraid to be honest with their partner when they're unhappy with something, it doesn't necessary have to be or lead into an argument but forget being quiet with rage in my chest whilst he's walking around thinking everything is cool. Your partner is not a mind reader, he's not Mystic Meg so therefore you have mouth use it and use it correctly!

I am your friend but I'm not your pyschologist bit*h, if you don't want my opinion on your relatiosnhip don't tell me about it in the first place simple as! We're grown out here and yes you confide in your close friends for advice and to release your frustations but if you're THAT unhappy and not saying anything to the person you're in a relationship with how do you ever expect things to change or get better???? Don't worry I'll wait for your answer!

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