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Happy 45th birthday Ardell! #Ardell45

This Thursday I was privileged to be invited to the celebration of 45 years of Ardell lashes which also was the premiere launch of their brand new Press-on lashes (what better way to celebrate right!?)

I'll be honest when it comes to putting on fake eyelashes... I'm rubbish..pants..absolute doo doo, usually I have to get one of my girls to put on for me, I've tried to do it myself once and somehow the eyelashes ended up on my eyebrows..I kid you not! So for years I've decided that I'm just not about that fake lashes life and been abusing whichever mascara would give me that false lash look.

The #Ardell45 launch was nothing short of amazing! It's Hollywood theme paid homage to the birth of the Ardell brand which started in Hollywood to help us ladies look fantabulous and red-carpet ready! The chic and glamorous feel was something set from the onset of the event, greeted by cocktails and amazing nibbles which included the best mini-burger I have tasted in my life I swear to you I was tempted to go to the kitchen and hug the was that good!

Ardell lashes are infamous not only with make-up artists, celebrities and regular folk as they are made with natural hair read correctly, and they have a plethora of lashes to fit in with your individual needs or looks for the night..or day!
Now as many of you know I'm more of a natural beauty woman so the lashes recommended for me were the Wispies lashes which thanks to their design add that little sexiness to your eyes and bring out your eyes. As I said before, putting them on myself is a total myth, but Ardell had make up artists at hand who were able to give me a little life lesson on how to apply my lashes and what the different lashes would suit a certain look..there is a science to this one does not simply just add ANY lash to their eyes Vexettes and I'm really not trying to look like a drag queen..not cute!

The Press-on lashes are perfect for those who like me are a complete novice to applying lashes, as the lashes are pre-glued with a patented applicator which allow you simply to apply it to your eyes, the lashes are flexible to make application ten times easier and within seconds you simply push them down and you are good to go!!

There is no glue, no mess, no long instructions, no rage!!! Once my lashes were applied I was amazed at the difference the Wispies made to my eyes! I went in to the event looking like Delia-Rene and left feeling like Beyonce. The lashes are unbelievably light so you don't even feel them or feel conscious of people looking at you whilst wearing them. Additionally thanks to the pre-glued lashes they lasted me the whole night as after this event I went out of the town and not once did I panic that it was somewhere on the floor or in someone's cocktail glass!

The event also had a photo-booth WITH a wind machine all I needed was a mic and I would have acted liked I was holding my own concert! The photo-booth just added to the glam and fun of the night which I took FULL ADVANTAGE of! It took a few takes and through some of them I looked intoxicated but we also had props that made me feel like a kid all over again!

The Ardell Press On Lash are available exclusively at Superdrug , with three styles available:
101 - fuller lashes , 103 - longer but dramatic eyelashes , and finally Wispies - a slight criss-crossed design with a natural look. All three lashes are part of the "Natural" collection of the Ardell brand, which I am now a HUGE fan of and will be a new member of my household!
The lashes are available now and thanks to Superdrugs offer of saving 1/3 on Ardell lashes they are now available at the amazing price of £5.63 ! The natural lashes are currently £3.65!! Talk about bargain and you know I love to save a coin so praise Jesus HALLELU! (whilst stock lasts)

A huge thank you to Kilpatrick Team for inviting me to this event I had an amazing time!!

Kisses and Bumflicks!

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