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Welcome to my blog. I document my screenwriting, my life, talk a lot about relationships & daily rants in 2017 my #YearOfLavish. 

Kisses & Bumflicks

Hallo Norway, Takk!

Just wanted to say HELLO to all my Norwegian's as you have been so loyal to my blog it does not go unnoticed and I truly appreciate it!
For a while, I've been thinking about taking a holiday to Norway and it's definitely on my books for next year as from my previous blog when I went to Amsterdam I loved it so much (I'm actually planning a quick weekend there again in December but we'll see hehe.)
So if you are from Norway don't be afraid to comment below or email me to let me know things I should do, places to eat, and drinks to drink...I'm just saying.
Or if any of my Vexers and Vexettes if you have any suggestion when and where for me to please let me know as soon I'll be compiling my travel list for 2016 and I intend to abuse my passport like crazy!

Kisses and Bumflicks x

Happy 45th birthday Ardell! #Ardell45

#FreakyFriday Never Too Much