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#FreakyFriday Never Too Much

Hi Vexers and Vexettes,

The day has finally come that I have been praying for all week ....FRIDAY! *breaks out in a praise dance* Needless to say, this week has been beyond stressful at work and there was many points when I genuinely thought that I was going to go to jail because I was ready to kick someone in the neck!
But thank Jesus for giving me the strength and sense to not make myself unemployed and saving people from the beatdown of their LIFE!

More importantly, I thought it would be interesting to speak about something as it's the weekend, I've had a Carib Shandy and I'm listening to some music and I don't have to be up for 6am tomorrow!

"Is there such a thing as having TOO much sex?"

Now if you're anything like me the automatic response would be "hell to the NO, what is wrong with you..are you OK in the head?" and want to slap someone in the back of their head for asking such a stupid question in the first place. 
Let's be honest, good sex is absolutely AMAZING, sex can relieve stress, release some rage (don't think of me when I say that), burn calories *woop woop*, increase intimacy with your partner, plus it (please note I said GOOD sex for a reason you shouldn't be disrespecting the fan fan if it's not even worth it in the first place!)  

Sometimes alcohol and food can't touch that spot..literally and you're hormones would be telling you to go scratch that itch. Be warned Vexettes that your womb can actually Judas you, a classic example is when you and whoever you are seeing have had a disagreement and you don't want to speak to them, you are in your feelings and trying you're best not to think about them, but then you look at them or think about them, womb pressure commences because you want to use all that rage in a different way and by that I mean get your back C..R..A..C..K..E..D
When you have womb pressure there's nothing you can do to distract yourself from the fact that your body is wanting to be with that person. We are affectionate creatures by nature and we all know that from time to time we wish that we could spend time, hug and kiss on a cutie and before you know it, you guy are in bed and you're sweating out your hair,gasping for breath and reaching for things that aren't there...I'm just saying.

If you are lucky to be with someone that knows your body well, because they've taken the time to get to you know you inside and out, excuse the pun you find that you enjoy the sex more. But sex is more than just the physical activity, it's important that you have a mental connection and a friendship with the person. Yes you heard me correctly, friendship is important when it comes to having a sexual relationship with someone. Wouldn't you want to sleep with someone who you like but is also a good friend to you? Are you going to sleep with someone that doesn't even know your surname? IMAGINE if whilst you're doing the do and you have a heart attack..ok that's a bit extreme..let me rephrase, imagine if you slip off the bed and hit your head on the headboard and knock yourself out (yes that sounds more plausible). They have to call the ambulance but can't even tell them your basic information? Do you want your ass blacked out on the floor..I don't think so.

It is common sense to say that everyone's sex drive is different. Some people are fine with not having sex very often..I don't know many people like that personally but apparently they do exist (no shade). The frequency of what you think is a normal sex life is up to you but just for arguments sake let's just say have sex at least once every 10 days is normal, I say this because there are going to be times that you won't see your partner every week because you have a thing called A LIFE. 
There are times when you don't want to even say hello your partner, as soon as you see them, you know that you want it to be on like mother trucking popcorn, you want to eat their face off and rip their clothes like your name is Hulk and show them how much you miss them. *woosah*
But as I was saying, if you have sex on a regular basis you have to be mindful that it becomes the ONLY thing that you end up doing, if the only thing that's good about your "relationship" is the sex then maybe you need to re-evaluate the type of relationship that you have. If you've established that the relationship you have is purely a physical one, then this doesn't apply to you but if this is someone that you consider more than just a friend with bene-d*ck sorry typo I meant benefit then the best thing I can advise if that you be honest with yourself and him as to what you actually want. 

Let's not forget the physical effects of having too much sex though Vexettes. There an age-old saying that women are sensitive creatures, and this is true for a reason. This assumption applies to your nether-region too. Men, I can't say I know that pain of having you're pencil sharpened down to just a little nub..but I must imagine it's not that nice. No-one should be able to understand your womb more than you no man, woman, doctor...ok maybe a doctor for the obvious reasons but you get my backside drift. When you're boo is trying to move your organs and it's been a long session it can become painful and you end up hurting your kitty. You have to sit in a bath with soothing salts and waddle like a penguin into your bed afterwards like you've just gone through childbirth. It's even worse when your womb tapped out and he still wants to carry on the night so your kitty literally wants to cry but you try to firm the pain because you don't want to say no to giving your man the good good especially if you can tell he really likes it and he verbalises that YAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS! Plus you're a grown ass woman with pride, you can't have no man thinking you can't handle the good so you bare the pain to prove a point. 

On a mental note, you could be thinking about some good good at the most inappropriate times. You could be hard working at your desk and you know when you receive that electric jolt through your body and you have a flashback to that particular night with your man and the womb pressure begins. Before you know it, you're listening to slow jams through your headphones because you don't want people knowing your business as you're doing you're 9-5, sneakily sending inappropriate messages or pictures to your partner so they know exactly what you are thinking about or you ask the typical "are you busy later?" text, you and your vagine (yes I say vagine it's not a typo...kiss my ass so what) are secretly hoping that they say no and that they know that you asking if they're busy is actually code for "let's get soon as" You can easily become addicted to doing this on a regular basis, even when like I've said before you might not know where you stand with that person, they are taken advantage, disrespecting you, not giving you what you want, I could go on but you get my drift. You may think that you're both getting what you want if it is just a sexual relationship but eventually it's going to end with someone feeling someone more than the other and then it can become very messy because it's very hard to let some good loving go...just saying. 

Just be sure that when you are having adult play-time that you are both clear what the basis of your relationship is BEFORE you engage in sexual relationship, you can't really be having that conversation when you're lying in bed after trying to cover yourself with the duvet looking at the ceiling plucking up the courage to ask him "what exactly are we?" and you damn sure are not going to ask those kind of questions DURING the act can you...oh yes that's because you're not thinking logically are you?
Once that has been done, girl sweat your regrowth/natural hair/bald head/extensions/weave out to your heart's content because if he's a gentleman he'll even give you the good good when you have a headscarf on...or so I've heard.

Kisses and Bumflicks 

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