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Vexy's Wish List

As we all know...cuffing season is in FULL effect! I have already been victim to many trying to become a dickstraction BUT I HAVE REMAINED FOCUSED!

*applauds for my vagina*


As we all are aware, Valentines Day is fast approaching so I thought I would just give a quick wish list of things that have caught my eye and as you guys have already made my wish come true by ensuring that I have been shortlisted for the UK Blog Awards in the Dating Category  *bumflicks*
I thought let's keep the positivity going and who knows...someone might feel generous and want to buy it for moi!

1. Wilma Raccoon Fur Heels

I am in love with these heels courtesy of Rosina Savage not only are they absolutely GORGEOUS, the heels have genuine raccoon fur, yes you read right..sorry for your PETA warriors on my blog but these if a raccoon has to die for least they are going out in style!  
Kiss my ass so what! 
These heels can be worn both during the day and night and they make a bold statement which suits everyone that reads my blogs in the first place because you're all dope as fu*k! 
Rosina Savage shoes are made to measure which further compliments its uniqueness and ensures high quality as if you needed more reason to love these shoes like I do! And fellas, what better way to impress the lady in your life buy buying her a bespoke made to measure heels that she can wear in and out of the bedroom *winks* 

2. Love Layla Designs 

I came across these card designs by Love Layla on my Facebook News Feed and every single card made me crack up because they are witty, honest and unique! 
As you can see from this card I chosen it is still and let's your date know what't NOT going to be happening on that night or any other night for that fact.

Love Layla have a plethora of card designs for all occasions and events so even if you don't have a Valentines or you just to make someone laugh I highly recommend that you buy a card from these ladies!

3. Amelia Real Sterliving Bracelet and Earrings Set

I am a Warren James addict and when I saw this, my eyes opened and I smiled like a Chesire cat. There is the infamous saying "diamonds are girl's best friend" and that indeed is true.  But let's be honest, diamonds can't be my best friend when I have rent and bills to take care of so Cubic Zirconia does the job for me nicely! 
The reason I am a fan of Warren James is because
1) They always have a sale on
2) The jewellery is of top quality and lasts for years (my ring has lasted 10 years and counting and has not lost it's shine at all, people are always asking me if I'm I'm not..thanks for reminding me
This gorgeous set should be worn on a night out somewhere to really make you feel like Beyonce and make sure that your date is looking at something else APART from your breasts and booty...just saying. 

I will be updating you regularly anything that I can see that catches my eye and makes me look for my bank card! 
If there's anything that you have seen that you like or you create things yourself drop me a comment below to see if you're featured on my wish list next time!!!

Don't forget to sign up to my blog on your right hand it now WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! 

Have a great week peeps!

Kisses And Bumflicks xx 

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