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"Valentines Date" Wish List

Where did the week go? I've blinked my eyes and Valentines is already on the horizon!
I am happy to tell you all, that I do NOT have a Valentines *yayy* ...
Fu*k a Valentines that is my motto!

But before I sound like a bitter single betch, I have compiled a Valentines Date for those that have been lucky to secure a boo or are in a relationship and going out. If you are single like moi..go out with your girls or spend it however you choose to because it all starts with SELF LOVE DAMN IT!

Before you question whether I'm going to a date or a funeral, I like this outfit because it's simple but sexy and I think the heels add a nice pop of colour, I would imagine wearing this for a dinner date or a bar. Sometimes less is more and you don't need to show the cleavage everyday! If you have big breasts like myself...sometimes we don't even have that choice it is made for us *sigh*

1. Missguided - Cut Out Panel Bardot Bodycon Dress - £30 

I like black dresses because: 
1) It's a slimming colour 
2) The accessories, make up and heels you decide to wear will always give your outfit a splash of sexiness 
3) It's a slimming colour
4) You can never have enough black items in your wardrobe..even if it does make you look like you work in a funeral home
5) It makes me look slim ... Kiss my ass so what! 

I recall seeing a similar dress worn by Marlo in "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and in my head I thought "ohhh that's a sexy dress" so I was very happy when I saw this on Missguided and I bussed a little bumflick on my couch and immediately added it to my basket without hesitation! 
The cut-out detail immediately attracts you eyes for all the right reason, I would recommend not wearing a necklace with this, but instead add some bracelets and rings, a small clutch will also do the trick too! 
Along with this sexy dress I found these gorgeous heels...

*raises from my seat*
My name is Delia-Rene and I am a heelsaholic...
I have several pairs of "Barely There" heels, as they are simplistic, high but hella sexy! There's not a single time I've worn a pair of them and not been complimented on them!
These are again from Missguided I love that the tassel give the heels a little sexy element as a thickems myself, it's only right that my heels have a little fluff element to them too! Ladies just a little word of advice there's nothing sexier than making your boo untie and takes these off you after a night out with're welcome! 
These heels are available in many different colours on the website, so why not have a look and pick the perfect pair..or 2! 

3. Ooh Collection - "Let Me Entertain You" Love Box - £49.99 

If you want to add a little sauce, spice and everything nice to your sex life. Then why not purchase a Love Box from the Ooh Collection . This particular box has lots of little tricks to keep you and your partner up all night and a night to remember.
The "Let Me Entertain You" box is perfectly named as it is geared for both the male and female to ensure that the intimacy is heightened. 
The box contains:
Natural & Succulent Strawberry Condoms and Dots and Ribs Condoms 
ID Glide and Pleasure Lubricant Gel 12ml
Bullet Vibrator (for her)
Vibrating Pleasure Ring (for him)
Kiss Me In The Dark - Satin Blindfold
Stroke Me Please - Feather Tickler
Dice Game
Love Commands
Popping Candy

As you can see, this collection has you in mind to make your night fun, flirty and full of *coughs*. The great thing is, if you so choose, you can continue to use the items within your love box for many different nights better yet..who needs an excuse?

4. H&M Lingerie Set - £23.98

Let me be real,  I'm currently going cold turkey with H&M purchases, as my addiction to their store and buying things online has got out of hand. H&M have got into the swing of Valentines Day and have highlighted their lingerie selection on their website. H&M have done a fantastic job in the last few years of including bigger sizes because they realise that thickems like to look sexy too!
This brief and lace bra top go up to size 18 *busses a bumflick* which means we can all strut out stuff along to some Ciara "Body Party" music. 
The lace top if you dare can be worn under a blazer with a high waisted skirt if you want to man your man dribble at the table whilst you eat at a restaurant with dim lights. You don't want your nipples for everyone to see..that's not cute. Furthermore, you can wear this set underneath a sexy dress for when you get back home to be dessert for your man ...yeah I said it! 
The lace panels ensure that not everything is shown, however it shows just the right amount of flesh to make you feel fantabulous and sexy! 

5. Cluse - "La Boheme Gold Black"  - £89.95 

Cluse watches are too..die..for! 
Not only do they have a plethora of watch designs and faces on their website, what really makes Cluse watches stand out are the facts that the straps are interchangeable making the possibilities endless to suit what you are wearing! 
The "La Boheme Gold Black" oozes sexy and simplistic, with a 38mm diameter it will sit on your wrist perfectly and is hard not to notice! 
I love the gold and black design and you are able to change the straps to either dress it up at night or keep it simple for your 9-5 workplace. 

Let me know what you think of this Valentines Date Wish List, especially if you purchase an item that I have recommended! Drop a comment below and spread the word

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Have a great weekend! 

Kisses and Bumflicks xx  

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