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Why Your Friends Are Not Your Target Market

Why Your Friends Are Not Your Target Market

Hey Renegades! 

Hope that you are all well and finally enjoying this summer in London It's only taken 7 MONTHS to get here but I sure as hell ain't complaining because finally I have an excuse to have my cleavage out...don't judge me...kiss my ass so what! 

For the past few weeks as you guys know I've been working on my first stage play entitled "Ex-periences" we have been rehearsing three times a week at the Lost Theatre. It has been tiring sometimes when I've had to work at my full time job as a Head Of Year which in itself it EXHAUSTING, I then leave my job and put on my entrepreneur hat and attend rehearsals. The funny thing is as much as sometime I've not been able to sleep or been working hard I literally can't wait for the next rehearsal and to see my cast again. 

Seeing the words that I wrote being performed is just out of this words, to say its humbling is an understatement and every week I get more and more excited as I think about the night of my performance Sunday 14th August 7pm in Lost Theatre in case you were curious! 

Role of "Stephan" is played by Juel Vassell.   Tickets sill available  here

Role of "Stephan" is played by Juel Vassell. 

Tickets sill available here

As each week as gone past, its given me a fire within my stomach that I'm doing what I was born to do as a writer, creator and entrepreneur. As previously posted in my blog "I'm Not About This Full Time Life No More" I've been battling with the fact that I wanted to become a full time scriptwriter and work on other projects but I haven't made the huge step yet to leave my job....YET.

I began selling tickets for my play on Friday 1st July firstly at a discounted rate as for me the main objective of this play is not to make a profit. It's been for me to showcase my writing talent, for people to relate and enjoy my theatre production and to showcase the talented cast that I have. When my tickets first went on sale I saw that my family immediately went and bought tickets for it, that really touched me as for MANY years my family have been a huge catalyst in supporting me whether it was me singing, dancing, acting and any events that I personally put on. I also noticed people that follow my Vex In The City blog , you my awesome Renegades have supported and got tickets for the play. Without the support of my family and you guys reading my blog for the past 7 years I seriously wouldn't still have a Vex In the City blog. 

But the one major part that was missing...was the support from my friends. 

At first, I didn't think much of it when particular people didn't support, retweet or share my theatre production coming out because I knew in time that they would come through and support my event. Especially because they've known the craziness that I've been through the past few years, how much writing means to me and how important this event was. So whilst I waited for it I carried on doing what I needed in order to ensure that my theatre production was like nothing anyone had seen before. 

The first week went past and tickets were selling which kept me on a high. As an entrepreneur its so humbling to see when people promote your event or send your encouraging words because there's been PLENTY of late nights with my Macbook Pro and a glass (more like a bottle) of wine as I rewrite my script for the 100th time to ensure that I'm happy with the play and to showcase my cast talents as much as possible. 

As a creative, we express from our hearts first and whatever way we choose to do that whether it be through art, music, poetry, words, dance our talents come from an honest and quite spiritual place. When we share that talent with others, it's a truly vulnerable thing for a creative to do because we are in sense exposing ourselves to virtual strangers, some  of those things that we may have wanted to keep hidden. When I decided to do my theatre production I was skeptical because for so long I didn't feel I was qualified enough to call myself a "writer". 

The role of "Leah" is played by Rachel Summers.    Experiences Theatre coming Sunday 14th August Lost Theatre tickets still available  here . 

The role of "Leah" is played by Rachel Summers.  

Experiences Theatre coming Sunday 14th August Lost Theatre tickets still available here

However as each rehearsal came, and I saw the passion within my actors eyes and how much they committed to my play and understood the characters, the relationships, and were able to relate to the plot I shook off the insecurity I had and felt confident to say that I AM A WRITER.

Before I knew it...the discounted tickets for my play had sold out and that was such a bittersweet moment for me. Firstly because I was another step closer to having my first SOLD OUT theatre production, but after they were sold I still realised that key people that I expected to support my play still had not come through.

I spoke to those that are close to me and have assisted with my rehearsals and EXperiences on a whole about that I felt a type of way when it came to the lack of support I questioned:

1) Should I feel a way that they haven't supported me?

2) Should I say anything about it? 

3) I know I haven't been able to come to certain events/birthdays but I've been putting 100% focus and energy into my brand...did I make a mistake? 

4) If they don't come ... what does that say about the friends I thought I had?  

5) Have I been a good friend to them? 

These were the main thoughts that kept going over and over in my head when it came to how I was feeling in regards to my friendships. It can be disheartening when you feel that your friends don't truly support your creative process and your events. I totally understand how that can make you feel frustrated, it can be hurtful, it can make you question whether what you are doing is the right thing, what "friends" you really have, if you make it ...will they then support? 

But one thing I want to tell you all is to  DO NOT LET THAT DISCOURAGE YOU! 

The things that are meant for exactly that it's meant FOR YOU! Don't allow others irrespective of them being your friends or family stop you from fulfilling your vision. 

Being an entrepreneur is sometimes a lonely road, it takes a lot of sacrifices, time spent away from loved ones, long nights, failures, disappointments, humbleness and growth. When you make the leap to pursue your dreams it can be a daunting one but it's one of the greatest decision of my live so far. I can't express to you how much you will learn about yourself on a personal and professional level and when these hiccups happen you will learn whether to take it personal, get raged about it and potentially get arrested or you can approach it strategically, have your moments of frustration to get it out and keep it moving and solve the problem. 

As an entrepreneur if the ONLY people that are supporting you are those closest to you then you are doing something wrong. Whatever you choose to do as a business should be profitable and draw you new customers from all walks of life and be sustainable to grow beyond what you expected. If you start out thinking that your friends are going to be the first to support you believe me they won't be. That's not to downplay on those that DO turn up and support you, it may only be 4-5 of them but it's better than having none at all and I am so grateful for them consistently being there every step of the way, it's been great supporting their dreams and seeing us come up TOGETHER. Sometimes your friends won't be at your events or support what you're doing thats the truth of it but instead of concentrating on that,look at the loads of people who HAVE come to support you, those strangers that God has placed for you to begin new friendships and business with, your personal journey and what you want to do next...because I certainly have! Beside thanks to my cast I have now gain 11 amazing creative friends who are now like family to me so there's always a positive right?  



Just seriously want to THANK everyone that read my blog, retweeted, sent me messages, bought a ticket for my play you have no idea how much you guys have inspired and fuelled me to keep doing this and supported my journey so far I have a MILLION things and ideas that I want to put on in the future and want to work with as many of you as possible so feel free to email me or drop a comment below to join my mailing list!!! 

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Delia-Rene featured in Get West London & more!

Delia-Rene featured in Get West London & more!

Buy tickets for my theatre play EXperiences

Buy tickets for my theatre play EXperiences