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Welcome to my blog. I document my screenwriting, my life, talk a lot about relationships & daily rants in 2017 my #YearOfLavish. 

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Thanking YOU! Yes You!

Thanking YOU! Yes You!


How are we in November? When did this happen? I feel like my 30th birthday was was March but you get my drift! 

But you already know I get excited when November makes an appearance because it's officially Vex In The City's birthday month!

11th November 2017 marks

Vex In The City's 9th birthday

I can't believe that it's soon to be NINE yes you read correctly...9 years of Vex In The City! I remember being 21 when I started it stuck in a BORING ass job as a receptionist in the Physiotherapy Department and needing an escape. So being the stationary fiend that I am (I'm seriously in love with's an addiction and I need therapy) I took a notebook from the cupboard and just began writing my inner thoughts. When I got home, I typed it up and made it into Facebook Notes (that's how you know I'm an original Facebooker if you remember Facebook notes or that I'm old as fuck.) 

Before I knew it, I would add more and more people and I decided to create a group but it needed a name. During my early twenties, I would live, eat and shit Sex & The City, furthermore as you guys have seen I have a slight anger problem and VEX In The City was birthed!

9 years later.....and we're still here! Wow. Honestly, every time a year goes by I'm just so grateful. For the opportunities that writing this blog has offered me, how my blogging evolved into my love for writing and now scriptwriting.

But most importantly, I am sincerely so grateful for YOU my #Renegades who after 9 years are still rocking with moi! 

I wish you knew how much YOU motivate me, there are days when I feel like my blogging days are done, when I look at my analytics and think that there are other blogs/vlogs/influencers out there who are way ahead of me in this game with THOUSANDS of followers. But every single time, you guys tweet, snap, message or comment to let me know that after all this time you STILL love my writing and support me. I seriously would not be approaching 9 years of Vex In The City without you guys so seriously I am so thankful for YOU! The numbers really don't matter to me, because I have something better, I have readers that are loyal, dope and rebels just like me and that means more to me than anything else in this world! 

Anyone that runs a business or is a creative, you understand that this journey is NOT easy. Writers block can get on my nipple, and the industry is saturated with people just looking for fame and the endorsements. There are so many people out here within this industry who don't have the love/passion/vision that you do but do not fall into the trap of comparability. Trust me, I've been there and it's upset my ovaries because I end up ranting "What are they doing better than me? I don't get it? When is my time?" 

But then I seriously sit down and look at all the things I have achieved, I realise that my journey was supposed to be different from everyone else, so there's absolutely no point in comparing because I have a different purpose

I just want to encourage you all that are feeling that you are going nowhere, you feel stuck, that you're being left behind to KEEP GOING! Because it's the moments when you feel like giving up, that truly define your character and I promise you that your consistency will eventually pay off! 

I spend many (too many) nights by myself with my Macbook, writing and editing scripts, looking for TV/Film events and networking opportunities, reading countless scripts from TV/Film, writing in my notebook that never leaves my bag. I've missed numerous birthdays, events and lost friends and relationships because I truly do not have time for negativity or those that are not supportive of where I'm trying to go. Does it hurt when that happens? HELL YEAH but I go to sleep peacefully because I know that no matter what...I have my family and God is protecting and preparing me for bigger and better things. To be completely honest that despite all the BS, pain, heartache, frustration I have been through I am so happy! I know who I am as a woman and as a writer which has been life changing! 


As celebration of Vex In The City turning 9...I am currently running a competition for 4 lucky Renegades to win an online 45 minute coaching session with me to support you with your personal/creative/business goals and get you ready for 2018 as well as finish this #YearOfLavish with a BANG! 

I will be announcing the winners on the 11th November at 1pm on #VexInTheCityLive exclusively on Instagram where I also have some HUGE news to finally reveal to you guys which YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS! 

For a chance to win simply complete this short survey HERE to be entered into the draw, the survey takes less than 3 minutes to complete I promise! 

Don't forget to follow me on Snapchat to see my daily rants and what I get up to on a daily basis! 

Have a wonderful week! 

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Don't allow your 9-5 to run your life

Don't allow your 9-5 to run your life

Last Quarter Of The #YearOfLavish

Last Quarter Of The #YearOfLavish